i just got another exotic job

I just accepted a job in Akutan. Cooking for a construction crew. I have to leave my taco truck and restaurant for a couple months. The pay is ludicis for a cook so i have to go. Plus it is essential data for my book and hiring chances in Antartica.


I think.

What’s the nightlife like in a town like that?

It is almost.the most money i have ever made cooking. 12/hs a day 7days a week 32/hr plus ot for two months. Horrable that i have to leave but i need the money data and added remote experience.

I have spent a good deal of time in the Aleutions. The nightlife has its quarks. Dutch harbor can be wild wild i tell ya. The Pribiloffs notably St.Paul is beer and wine only. Just a male shift building with cans of beer and box wine. Mix of natives and fishermen. I saw a nice local band amd it can get roudy.

The north slope of strick no alchohol these days. I hated the slope so much. I much prefered cooking in prison.

How will your young ladies get by while you’re gone?

That’s insane. If it’s 8 reg plus 4 time and a half daily, that’s almost 20 grand on two months!


Akutan was the location of one of, if not the single biggest moments in the US victory over Japan in WWII.

Akutan Zero.

Word just in the bar has 2 kinds of beer. warm and cold. Not enough refrigeration space to need the demands of the only beer on hand Natural Ice.

The sign says 88 population but there are about 120 residents and the cannery has many many employees,

They will be fine. if you are refering to what I think you are. Board of that anyhow.

Should be at least that after taxes. Some days are longer. I get at least 12/hrs a day.

I have seen some really intresting war sights. The name of the island is excaping me but I have photos of me in the pilot seat an intact downed warplane. It still had written documents in it that were collected by the researcher when we found it, I dont know my planes I think it was a P-32 or something. I have seen Aleut burial grounds in water accesablel caves with skulls and the fancy hats.

Been there too. Charmed a lady with a really nice bottom. Turned out she was kind of strange, though, so I ended up alone all night with a raging hadron.

Top notch work. Very fine, man.

Good news they are.gonna fly me all.the way from Homer. Most.remote.work.requires ou to.get to.Anchorage on your own dime. Saves me a bunch of monet.

I hate it when you have to sell off the impressionists!

If you get the job in Antartica, will you be flying down through the Falklands? The restaurants here are astonishingly good!

Sorry I have poor eyesight and I browse the dope on my cell phone. My typing is poor to start with and the added hurdles really make it painful for others to read.

Here are the photos of the crashed out bomber in Amlia Island. Can I get an ID please. I cant seem to remember the type of plane and my notes are burried.
Photo one

Photo two

I hope to spend a winter in Antarctica. I dont want to come off as a wuss going there for the Antarctic summer. I spent the winter on the north slope on the Beauford sea.

I have cooked in worked around food in nearly every environment. From The Aleutians all the way to Adak And clear to St Mathew Isalnd. I have been filmed in a speaking role in a movie as a cook. Fancy hotel restaunats like the Sir Francis Drake and Harry Dentons, Places in Upper Haight, And the castro, mom and pop diners in Texas, multiple fast food joints, Ski resorts in colorado, I have owned a successful restaurant and now own a taco truck, I cooked in prison and county Jail. I worked in Grocery stores as perishable manager, I operated a organic produce stand, Managed a natural Healthfood store for several years. And so many other types and places. Food is what I surround myself with. I love it and the people it brings. I have gained an intuitive nature with food and people. I have had a wild ride in my life. And it seem to keep getting wilder, even as I closely approach 40 I seem to be getting crazier.

I want to take a winter stint in Antartica and write a book. “The Bi-Polar Cook” Stories and theories on food people and the effect of atmosphere and surrounding on food. With antidotes about my crazy cook life and those I met. I will include a few basic recipes of note. Like when I cooked baby fur seal. It is a great story. And how to take the fear from bread and a few others tricks to asses your audience.

My taco truck was profitable the first day and I targeted and got the exact customer base I wanted. it is easy now. I still work 100+ work weeks but whatever it ia all data now.
Sound like a readable book?

Yes, but get a good editor.

Yea I am quite aware of my poor typing and grammar. I never graduated HS.

Dude, that sounds awesome. And I can say as a verified spelling and grammar Nazi - I would read your book! You write like some crazy mashup of Yogi Berra, Anthony Bourdain and an Ice Road Trucker.

Good luck! And let us know when the book comes out!

That downed bomber looks like a B-24 Liberator to me. There’s something about polar regions that make great stories. I know a guy who managed a store up in Barrow a few years ago. He always had an entertaining tale to tell.

Keep us informed on your book. Sounds like it’s gonna be a fantastic read!


I’m sure you know about it already, but there’s a really good Antarctica blog. It was started by a guy who did the dishes and took out the trash.

Well done, sir.

Your writing is nuts but it is oddly compelling. There is an honesty in it that is sort of endearing. I’d read a book.