I just got back from the emergency vet clinic; my dog is dead.

His name was Max. He was a miniature dachshund and lived to be 18 years old. Around 8pm he started seizing and never really stopped until he was sedated. I’m pretty sure he had a stroke too. He was declining for awhile. He had arthritis, senile dementia, and was going deaf & blind. The last week or so he’d been having strange fits where he whined for no apparent reason for awhile and then stopped. His mobility issues has been getting worse. Also he’d started to lie down to defecate. I’ve been researching things online like when to say goodbye, anticipatory bereavement, and caregiver syndrome. I was going to make a vet appointment this week to have him revaluated.

Then it all when to shit tonight. It was disturbing, but that doesn’t really describe. Either was completely unaware of anything, or he was completely & utterly terrified. He foamed at the mouth, then he must have burst a blood vessel because it started to turn light red. Naturally his regular vet isn’t open on Sunday nights so I had to have my father drive us to the 24hr emergency vet. The drive there felt like it took hours even though the drive back was less than 30 minutes. The whole time I kept wishing for it to be over so I wouldn’t actually have to make a decision. I could barely speak, and I no clue how they could understand me on the phone. Euthanasia was the right thing; I don’t regret that. I went through his with the dog I had growing up; once the seizares

I’m so sorry… It’s always horrible dealing with pets aging and needing to put them down… It’s worse when you have to go through what you went through.

Take care of yourself. You’re going to have all kinds of emotions… and that’s ok…

I’m so sorry.

I am so sorry for your loss. You made the right decision for Max.

Oh, poor Max. I am fairly certain he had no knowledge of being scared. Don’t beat yourself up. You obviously loved him, that is all a good pet parent can do at the end. So sorry for your loss.

Thank you. Apparently I hit Post before I was finished typing. They offered to try and stabilize him, but then he’d end up having another seizure after while, possible alone while I was at work. My childhood dog died when I was at college; my parents had to have him euthanized after a really bad seizure. I’ve never been in the room before during euthanasia. They sedated him before brining him back in the room, I held him while the vet injected phenobarbital into the IV, and he was gone before she finished.

Hugs, so many hugs to you. I am sorry beyond words, tears are in my eyes. I don’t know if you believe in a better place, not sure if I do, but if there is, Max is there.

Sorry bud. It’s hard losing a longtime companion. Getting old sucks.

I’m so very sorry for your loss.

Sorry to hear this but IMO you done good: you kept Max as happy as you could. Good job, brother.

Sorry for the loss of your companion. It’s not easy to make these decisions. Don’t be afraid to grieve.

My wife and I have been through 7 dogs during our marriage and I sometimes tear up when I think about the ones we’ve lost.

That sucks. RIP, Max. :frowning:

I get it. I had to take a cat to the emergency vet in Indianapolis when she went into renal failure a couple of months ago. She started out in the morning looking just awful, but she could still jump up onto the table. I could see she was going to die soon, and I was going to take her to her vet in the morning, because, of course, it was a Sunday. But then she started making this howling noise, and I thought maybe she was in pain, so we went to the emergency vet. I asked if there was anyway they could make her comfortable, so I could take her home to die, but they said the best thing was to euthanize her. I stayed with her, but once she was gone, I had to leave the room right away.

It’s really hard. She was the little kitten who picked me out at the shelter.

You did the right thing for Max.

So sorry for your loss. You loved him and gave him a wonderful life. You are both the richer for the experience. Eighteen is a good run for a dog. In the wise words of Dr. Seuss: Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.

Hugs to you. Your dog was suffering terribly, and you did the right thing.

I understand, somewhat. I had to have an 18-year-old cat euthanized in March. :frowning:

So sorry to hear this. Our dog is also going thru some end-of-life issues, and I dread the day that she gets so sick that we’ll have to take her for her last trip to the vet. Wishing you strength in the days ahead.

I’m so sorry, alphaboi. I know it’s terribly hard. I think it’s very likely Max was completely unaware of pain or fear, and you did the best you could for him.

Sorry for your loss. We have a geriatric dog, and I worry about her every day.
18 is a good run, though.

I’m so sorry to hear this.

I’m so sorry. Like most of the people who’ve responded, I’ve been there, done that, and have the scars on my heart to show for it.