I just got broadband, now what?

After years of using a dial-up connection. We finally brokedown and signed up for broadband thruogh a cable modem.

What sites do you suggest we go to that we couldn’t before?
(for entertainment / downloads / etc.)

If you like movie trailers, short films and softcore porn try www.ifilm.com

First, you want a firewall if you don’t have one yet. An excellent free one is at www.zonealarm.com .


Just for fun go here and check out your download speeds.

Crud. Here



“First, you want a firewall if you don’t have one yet.”

My ISP has a DSL FW already. So I don’t need a software one.

Also, I get to keep my regular dialup account too, should I need it.

MrTuffPaws, who is your account from?

gaming is alot better on broadband. Counterstrike, team fortress, day of defeat, etc.

You can do some free online gaming with “Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory”.



hmmm… i tried the PCpitstop thing and my clock speed was in the 100th percentile. Didn’t think it was THAT fast…

Or for more movie trailers and stuff: http://www.apple.com/trailers (you’ll need quicktime)

Dammit, Q.E.D., you’ve just made me want to report a bug to the Mozilla Firebird developers. Their built-in popup blocker didn’t block the new window opened by JavaScript on the page you linked to. I can prevent the popup from occurring if I disable JavaScript, but then other pages without annoying popups might not work the way they should. Unfortunately I don’t have a BugZilla account (yet), but if it bothers me enough I’ll register for one and report it.

amore ac studio, are you speaking of the non-ad content popup? Surely it should not be blocking that, and perhaps it is intelligently let it through? I presume you are assuming “if it lets that one through it will let ads through too”, but maybe it’s detected it’s not an ad somehow.