I just got paid, tomorrow I go grocery shopping (I can eat again!) What should I get?

Last paycheck was REALLY tight, fact I bounced a check due to a failed transmission and a failed vacation. But today I got paid! The fridge hasnt had anything in it other then condiments for a week. Now I must feast, for tomorrow I shop! Alright I got beer, so we don’t need to get that. What can’t you/I(iyo) live without? I am open to suggestions. Various cow parts welcome. :slight_smile:

Please, food for food (ie vegetables) to a bare minimum. :wink:

little debbie snack cakes

ohhh yeahh!! You ever had them star crunch things… those are my favorie… then nutter butters… then ho hos and the like… Mmmmm…

yeah… lil debbie is on my list.

Top Ramen (any variety will do).

Eggs (to go with Ramen, and for the oatmeal in the morning).

That new bluish purple ketchup.

Turkey (headless, gutted and feathers removed, if at all possible).

Hormel Pepperoni Packet (re-sealable).

Ritz (to go with Pepperoni).

Cool Whip (for Ritz and Pepperoni).



Chocolate Milk Chug/Yoohoo/That Really Cool Chocolate Coke From One of the Hawaiian Islands.

Ya knew it was coming…

Salsa fixin’s

If you forget the cornchips ya can always lick it off your feet.

Gotta love a nice T-bone steak. Also get some mixed nuts to go with the beer. And some kind of sugar-frosted breakfast cereal with no redeeming nutritional qualities. Extra points if it turns the milk chocolate.


Don’t tell me you’ve never enjoyed the culinary treat that mixing Ritz, Pepperoni and Cool Whip gives you!

The tast is glorious, like basking in The Big Bearded Guy’s presence. Try it some time, you’ll like it.


Robert Jordan, the god of all that is good in this world.

Peanut Buttter, you can put it on anything and it tastes good.

I have to go to the grocery store, too. Wanna peek at my shopping list?

Ground Beef
Lunch Meats
Rice Chex
Lucky Charms
Juice Boxes
Bagel Bites
Go-gurts (the stuff in a tube)
Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby Ice cream
Nutty Buddys
Brownie Mix
Sierra Mist

Cat Litter
Swiffer wipes
Razor Blades
Paper Plates

Want me to pick up anything for you?
My treat. :slight_smile:

Pasta, and lots of it. It’s cheap, quick, and easy.
Burger. Again, cheap, quick, and easy.
Ramen and/or Maruchan’s Instant Lunch (I prefer the Instant Lunch myself).
Frozen veggies, if they’re having a good sale. Canned, if you can’t get the frozen.
Peanut butter (here I’ve got to say, go the extra mile and get Jif. Everything else blows).
Bread. Sorry, can’t do anything about the price of bread these days.
Whammo, you’re a friend, so I’m going to make a suggestion: read your grocery store circulars before you go shopping today!!! Since next Wednesday is the Fourth of July, the grocery stores are having some totally kick-butt sales, especially on meats. You’ll be able to stock up, and not spend as much as you thought you would. I’m broke too, man. I know where you’re at. :smiley:

-Mac & Cheese.

-Pasta, hamburger, tomato sauce. Go nuts :slight_smile: When money’s really tight around here we have really simple spaghetti two or three nights a week.

-Whole chickens. Bake them, boil them, cut up and fry them.

-Rice. Make chicken and rice. Big favorite around here.

-Stovetop Stuffing to go with the baked chicken.

Just a thought.

But for the love of everything don’t put Cool Whip on pepperoni and ritz crackers!

I second what Persephone said: Read the ads for the stores. Great sales can be had if you know where to look. Most of the stores I have been to also have the ad papers right by the entrance if you forget to get one before you get to the store.

Definitely the ramen. It’ll fill the whole in the last few days until your next paycheck. Ditto peanutbutter and crackers. Mac’n’cheese and pasta for sure. Hamburger meat, for sure. Cheerios. Good as a snack and for breakfast. Eggs, cheese, bacon. When you’ve got all that, then splurge on something really good for a couple of nights.

Bulk rice and dried beans. Pintos are good.

As God is my witness, you’ll never go hungry again.

Cape Cod White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

Lots of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Bread, margarine, sliced cheese for Grilled Cheese sandwiches w/ tomato soup.

I see a theme here.

Buy meals, not food. Took me years to learn that. If you just buy individual items that look good, you end up with a situation where nothing matches and a bunch of stuff rots. Have a “grocery day” and every time you go buy exactly what you need for seven days. This will also save you tons of money because you won’t be eating out so much.

I’m with MandyJo on this. Make up a meal plan for the week, then get the compononts for each meal. If you are cooking for one, you’ll be suprised how far leftovers will stretch when they are leftover meals and not left over stuff.

Whammo with meal plan, day 5 -
“Hey, I’ve got some chicken and rice casserole left from Monday. I don’t have to cook, I’ll just have that. Yum…”

Whammo sans meal plan, day 5 -
“Hmm, What can you make out of canned olives and dry oatmeal?”

If having to plan out your meals makes you feel like an old lady, just comfort yourself knowing that women are VERY impressed with a guy who has more in his larder than marichino cherries and steak sauce. :slight_smile: