I just got paid, tomorrow I go grocery shopping (I can eat again!) What should I get?

Since you have been tight on money and food, I highly recommend that you get a nice cut of tenderloin and top that with some bearnaisse sauce. Yes it’s expensive but I have one about once a month to treat myself for eating cheaper foods.

Oh, and never grill a tenderloin – pan sear it then place it under the broiler. Grilling is for New York cuts or sirloin (which I pan sear too, but it’s good on the grill as well.)

If you absolutely can’t afford that, then make some hamburgers out of some ground chuck. It’s a little more expensive than regular hamburger but it has more flavor than hamburger. I quit using hamburger after using ground chuck for a recipe that calls for hamburger.

Don’t forget some veggies!

< been watching cooking shows all morning. I am starving. >

GFIC, Vienna and Francais
You got pets? They gotta eat too.
Tea and sugar
Sodas, Dr. Pepper preferrably, for when you don’t wanna make tea
Those frozen chicken breasts with fillings of broccoli&cheese or ham&cheese. Microwave one of these and have a salad on the side.
I won’t even mention cigs and lottery tickets:eek:!
Fixings for frito chili pie, and you can use the chips and cheese for other fixings, too
Potato bread; it keeps longer and tastes better than regular white bread

Did I mention GFIC Vienna? Gotta have it!

Hey you might want to get some Milk too. Mac and Cheese isn’t much good without it. Unless you get EZMac. Plus it serves as an ingredient for various other meals. Cereal and the like. You have probably already gone shopping, but I thought it might help to throw it in, just in case.

does the happy dance

Whoo hoo… I have food. $200 freakin dollars worth of food! hell now I might not pay the rent but I wont “Starve to death, literally TO DEATH!!”

Now I cant help but sit here and think, “Damn I’m hungry. What should I eat? Pizza Hut sounds good!.”

Whats WRONG with me? :smiley:

BTW Techie… I always get ground round… But today I found ground sirloin on sale so I got that. 5 pounds, now all individually wrapped into patties and in the freezer. Makes the use of them nice. Want hamburgers? Patties already made. Need a pound of hamburger for the helper? Grab 4 patties. I gots skillz, food skillz.

I think I’m delirious or something.

OH OH!! know what I forgot though??? BREAD! I got NO bread! I thought I went through every isle… guess not huh?

Whammo hun, if you ever get the cashola, get a Tilia Food Saver for those patties…I love it. You have to use it just right or it wont seal but I have found that I can buy cheese on sale, cut it up and seal it with the Food Saver.

You can freeze meats on sale too. Just think, a prime piece of beef goes on sale, you bring it home, vacumm seal it then 6 months later you take it out one night then the next evening you can grill a tasty steak.

Oh…if only I could buy you one but I am going to buy a better model than the one I have…hmmmm, a thought. Ah never mind. But I will have the basic model (soon) up for cheaps.

Anyhow, glad you got to the store, you need to keep that svelt figure of yours in good shape. :wink:

Whammo dear, check your email, NOW.

Just between you an’ me.

Thats right baby! I was about to waste away to nothing. Some people have a six-pack. Me? I got a fuckin case and a half!! flexs, but things only seem to ripple
BTW that tilia… if you go puttin that up on Ebay or something why don’t you drop me the link? :slight_smile:


You really are the greatest you know that Liz?

Whammo m’dear, I am serious…I have the window open, totally ready to do what I said I would do. I know you, you aren’t one that likes what I would do but I am one that wants to do it, because I know your heart is true and honest…

Think about it and do what I asked. I want to do that for you, very few do I do such a thing for, especially given the nature of how we know each other.

But know that I want to do it for you, and nothing else.

Alright FINE, you talked me into it. undresses and lays back on the bed

:smiley: D&R

< snort >

Where is those mythical NEED TO BE IN YOUR CABINET items

Spray Cheese

Spray cheese on Spam…serve to your local presidente or royal monarchy for quick promotion in your status.

Dude, I’m drunl as shit right now… but you need PopTarts!@! Badly!

Me too!

LMAO! OH MY GOD! Astroboy is channeling Homer!!

BTW… yes got pop tarts! :smiley:

Hey, I have a good recipie for Red Beans and Rice, if you’re interested. It’s cheap to make and you can make it as spicy as you like.