I just got the shock of a lifetime

My hot dog and hot dog bun count is equal!!!
When did this happen?

I’ve noticed lots of grocery items have been reduced in weight/quantity but still sold at the same price. The manufacturer saves some money and we blindly or absent-mindedly just keep buying it.

Granted, I’m talking ounces of product and not two whole hot dogs, but I’m sure the hot dog manufacturers are more than happy to have sold a solution to the age-old question “why do I always have more hot dogs than buns?”

FWIW, however, I haven’t noticed a dog/bun discrepancy in many many years. It’s been 8 and 8 for as long as I’ve been doing my own grocery shopping (5+ years).

The last time I bought then, it was 6 and 8. Now, it’s 8 and 8.

At least in some areas, it used to be illegal to sell matching quantities.

About the same time they changed the number of toothpicks that come in a box from 500 to 32. The same amount as a full set of teeth.

Bun length hot dogs generally come in packs of 8, and that package of 8 weighs the same as the traditional pack of 10 dogs. Each bun length dog is a little longer than the traditional size.

Back when we bought hot dogs regularly, I’d just make beanie weenies out of the last two dogs per pack, and everything came out even, and everyone was happy.

By the way, hot dog buns make wonderful garlic toast.

Brat buns are in packs of 6. Hot dog buns are in packs of 8. The package is the same size so less of the larger brat buns are in the package. Congratulations on buying hot dog buns for a change.

Really? Must try this!

If you have a day-old bakery outlet, that’s the place to look for cheap hot dog buns. I generally cut them at least once or twice the long way, so that the buns are now wedges. Hot dog and hamburger buns (stale) make wonderful poultry stuffing, too.

Yes, they do make for nice toasted garlic bread. There is probably an optimum way of doing it, but I can’t really give you specifics.

Steve Martin ended up in jail due to the whole hot dog/bun package crisis. So, it aint only the OP here.

Cite? That sounds unlikely - but not so unlikely as to be completely unpossible.

It didn’t. Recount.


If it’s true, some of your socks are missing. Check your laundry.

Several years after they changed the mattress tags to allow the consumers to remove them without violating any laws. (One good thing the Jimmy Carter Administration accomplished)

You must not be buying your stuff at the local membership store.I’ve always bout equal quantities: 387 of each.