I just had my first job interview in 11 years

And it went well!

MetLife is launching a program specifically to bring in people who have taken off 2+ years from work. I just happened to find out about it because a friend got a (regular) job there recently. These jobs are 10-week internships that can become permanent. What an amazing idea - I reckon they’ll be more comfortable taking a chance on hiring an ex-lawyer who last worked a decade ago on the hope that my smarts and transferable skills might be useful to them, since there are no strings attached.

So I just talked to the recruiter, and it sounded like this might really work out. We’ll see what the hiring manager says now.

Wish me luck!

(Oh and if anyone is interested, the internships are listed on their jobs board with the notation “Act2.” And evidently they’re following the lead of other big companies that have done something similar, so there should be other opportunities out there as well.)

Sounds interesting! Good luck UC.

Good luck.
Stay calm and let the interviewer do most of the talking.
You’ll do fine.

That’s exciting. MetLife is one of the few insurance companies with a pretty good reputation. ('ve only had t sue them once. :wink: ). Best of luck to you

Good luck! I’m really excited for you!! :smiley:

I have a phone interview with one hiring manager, and a face-to-face with another in a couple weeks!

I’m told it’s BBI, which appears to involve a lot of “Describe a time when you XYZ.” I sure hope they don’t require all descriptions be from the late 90s. I have lots of stories from my volunteer work over the past six years, and a few standout memories from my legal career. But a lot of the older stuff is pretty hazy at this point!

This isn’t for a sales job, is it?

Good luck! Hoping for the best!

Yay! What have you been doing in the interim? SAHMing?

Nope. It’s in risk management. One reason I might be a good fit is it’s similar tasks to law: you read and understand the standards, and advise people on how to comply with them. In this case the standards aren’t laws, but corporate policies on governance, risk, and compliance.

Yup! My younger child is now in kindergarten, so it’s high time for me to get out of my house, make money, and pay someone else to clean it.

I’m a fan of BBI, partly because the answers don’t have to be related to “work”. “Tell me about a time you managed a project to successful completion” could well be answered by leading a volunteer project or even a home based project (“I oversaw and coordinated a kitchen remodel that involved 3 contractors” would be perfectly acceptable to me and allows follow up questions). How you handle things at home tells me how you will handle them at work.