I just have to PIT this horse's ass even though he could not EVER be a Doper

First, a little background:

I live in one of the deepest, darkest parts of the deep south, aka SC. I mean Strom Thurmond (who, incidentally did a ful-on feel up of my right breast during a photo op once) kept getting elected for crying out loud. In my adult life I have worked as a bartender, an actor, a construction manager, an outside sales rep for two construction material suppliers and 15 years as a property manager. I have also owned a property management company for the past 5 years. Mine is the only female owned PM company in Charleston. I have a rhino-thick skin. Yesterday, a person of the male persuasion who owes one of my clients money told me that as far as he was concerned “I could suck his dick”. The hate for me, just because I’m female, that was in his voice was overwhelming. I have been told by the police here that I have no civil or criminal recourse. I am absolutely livid. BTW this person was no kid, he’s 45 to 50 and I addressed him only as Mr. “Smith” and Sir.

Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised since I spend a lot of time telling folks 'round here with whom I am engaging in either business or casual conversation that I find the terms faggot, nigger, kike, hebe, lesbo, etc. offensive.

Sorry this post is so long, but I just had to vent to some (admittedly goofy) reasonable people who would not even consider using the kind of terminology I am, unfortunately, subjected to daily. And before anybody get their knickers in a knot, yes, I know that not all Southerners or South Carolinians are like this (but there seem to be quite a few in my neck of the woods).

Meh, the post’s too much about you and not enough about him.

And forget the insult, just sue the creep for the money he owes your client, though you’re unclear if your lack of “civil or criminal recourse” relates to the insult or the debt.

Are you seriously implying here that someone who tells you to suck his dick should be arrested and/or made to pay you restitution?

So much for that rhino-thick skin. :rolleyes:

IMO there’s a BIG difference between the ordinary anger suck my dick and the if you were in front of me I’d push your head down and make you suck my dick (then toss a big buck at you and laugh). I’ve had that phrase said to me in anger and frustration many times by people I’ve had to deal with, this was different.

Not enough about him? He has a documented history of sexually inappropriate behavior which he has bought his way out of. He made it a point to let me know that he’s a “multi-millionaire” which he is not, but he is used to peeling off Franklins to placate his targets, so yes, I am serious about doing anything I can to let the bastard know that doesn’t work with everybody. I’m not implying anything, what I’m stating is that this asshole should have the absolute fear of God put in him. I would not seek financial restitution, I want a written apology, period.

Did you join these boards just so you could bug me? :wink:

Bugnorton, I’m sorry you had to talk to a troglodyte.

Obviously, rudeness of that order should not be tolerated.

That being said, I think you are taking his comments too personally–

With this type of specimen, “You can suck my dick,” in the context of a professional exchange, translates roughly as “I feel absolutely no obligation to give you what you are asking for, and further to that, any attempt on your part to extend this conversation along the lines that it has been proceeding is certain to prove fruitless. If you hold a sincere belief that I am beholden to you in any way, you are quite welcome to file suit, but I am so utterly contemptuous of your position that I fully expect you to drop the whole thing altogether.”

Of course I haven’t seen the chump in question up close, but I wouldn’t be too quick to assume he had any special contempt for your sex. In my experience, swaggering fuckwits like that tend to spread their contempt and hatred around pretty liberally, and I don’t see why it’s necessary to look any further for its root than necessary. “Simply because I am a woman”? Simply because you had the temerity to present him with a bill seems just as, if not more likely to me.

More information with regard to the nature of the debt you’re trying to collect, as well as information about the previously documented bad behaviour he has displayed, would both go a long way toward helping us understand what you’re talking about.

People are likely to be somewhat more sympathetic if you are trying to collect six months’ unpaid rent, for example, than if you are trying to get him to pay for a paint-job, new carpets, and other basic maintenance costs after moving out of premises that he occupied for eight years.

Similarly, without all of the details, it’s hard for us to understand why you seem to be interpreting what most people would consider to be an extremely rude, manifestly unprofessional, and generally nasty use of an idiomatic expression as something closer to an explicit threat of sexual assault.

Please don’t get me wrong-- I’m not taking the knuckledragger’s side in this. Right off the bat, there’s no absolutely no question who I’d rather invite to a dinner party. It’s just that the whole message isn’t quite making it through on this side.

I’ve had clients use that exact expression more than once when things weren’t going their way. (Service contract disputes, usually.) It made my blood boil, I can understand that. It just never occurred to me to talk to the police about it.

With what crime do you think he should be charged?

If he says it again, just say “I’ll keep that in mind in case I find myself in need of a toothpick.”

Larry Mudd, Okay, the debt in question is three years worth of HOA dues that he has been dodging. I know, I know, everybody hates HOAs, but the man did live in the community three years ago and in the course of time, he did purchase two additional properties in the same community for investment purposes. He knew what he was obligated to financially and is fully aware that the master deed runs with the land (whether you live in the neighborhood or not). What we’re talking about here isn’t the national debt either, it’s $650.

His documented inappropriate behavior has taken place at the Country Club, which is in the community, over a period of several years. When I spoke with the owner of said club, the first mention of the mans’ name provoked the owner to say “oh he is a pig”. The owner has been trying to get the ladies that work for him to call the cops out on the guy for years but whenever Mr. Knuckledragger gets a whiff of impending doom, he tosses some cash at these women and they drop it.

As to the “woman thing”, I’ve had that and worse said to me many times (and just walked away thinking WTF); in acting terms, it was his delivery that made the phrase come across as threatening and evil. This is a totally subjective interpretation, but I had never met or spoken to the guy before, nor had I any previous knowledge of his past behavior. There were no preconceived assumptions on my part other than that he had ignored and avoided a financial obligation I am contractually obligated to attempt to collect for my client. The circumstances were quite mundane and work-a-day for me.

Dragonblink that was perfect and next time I’ll not end the conversation before I’ve had the chance to use the line.

bnorton, yes, in fact that was my sole purpose, but how did you ever figure it out?