I just heard an exceptionally sexual sneeze

Congratulate me.

It’s nice to hear a girl sneeze and not think somebody just got stabbed in the foot. This is an entirely new dimension by which I will now be judging the overall attractiveness of a woman. Sexy body- check, sexy smile- check, sexy sneeze- check.

If I had a cold, I’d prefer infecting her to hitting on her.

New erotica subtype?

"Joan stared at Peter’s sickly body, ensconced in a bean bag chair across the room. His sniffling was making her horny and, as the mucus dripped down his handkerchief, she began to feel moist herself. As the hours passed, she could feel the rhinovirus particles circle around, exploring her every orifice. Then they came inside her, receptors binding tightly to her lung cells. She’d never felt anything so powerful!

Soon, her throat started to itch, and she knew she would finally be satisfied. Was that a hiccup?, she thought. It recurred; a cough. She shuddered with anticipation. The sickness consumed her, making her delirious with pleasure.

A tingling appeared in her nose. Joan considered wiping it to delay the gratification, but it had been so long since she felt this way! It built and built, until, reaching a crescendo, she moaned, screamed, and spewed all at once. Droplets flew in all directions, and she savored that cool, self-made drizzle."

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