a sneezing orgasm?

i was talking to a friend of mine a while ago and wee got onto the tipic of sneezing for whatever reason. she said to me that a sneeze is one tenth of an orgasm, and that if you sneeze ten times in a row, you guessed it you get the big O. she also mentioned that a pigs orgasm lasts for 30 minutes straight. any body got some answers for me? just general disbelief would help my dilema to.


First Woman: I suffer from a debilitating condition – every time I sneeze, I have an orgasm.
Second Woman: That’s sound dreadful. Are you taking anything for it?
First Woman: Of course: pepper!

I would suggest you go to the library and check out Bonk, by Mary Roach. Note the adorable ladybugs on the cover. The book covers unusual methods by which some people can reach orgasm (short version: people can be complicated and individual, and some reach climax in individual ways), and also quite a lot about pigs (it’s very hard to tell when a sow does anything at all, but in general animal couplings tend to be brief).

I don’t think sneezing is mentioned.

I love it when I sneeze and it gives me shivers from head to toe.
It’s kind of like an orgasm. There is a tingly feeling, followed by the brief moment of anticipation right before it happens, then release, and then a nice, pleasant, relaxing feeling after it has passed.
And the best part is, you can do it at work or in public.
It’s not nearly as good, but I can see the comparison.

As for pigs, The Master Speaks.

What, do you only sneeze weekly?

I hae allergies - dust mites, which are almost impossible to tackle - and I HATE SNEEZING.

Unrelated: Years ago, Robin Quivers, of Howard Stern fame, related the story of having an orgasm in a parking lot standing in front of her car, brought on by simply by rubbing her ear lobe…

Every once in a blue moon my sneezing reflex will go bonkers. I have, therefore, personally sneezed at least ten times in a row on several occasions.

It was not pleasant in any way at all.

I agree. I’m rarely sick, but I sneeze A LOT. And I always sneeze multiple times, usually 3-7 but sometimes a lot more, and it isn’t fun at all. I get light headed and dizzy, and frankly, after about the 12-16th sneeze (my husband counts them sometimes!) I’m usually out of breath and need a moment to recover. Nothing at all like an orgasm.

More than weekly, less than once per day on average. I would say I sneeze only slightly more than I orgasm (thanks honey!). That is, when that wonderful man of mine is not 800 miles away helping hurricane victims. Guess I’ll just sniff pepper until he gets back… :smiley:

I just sneezed as I read this post. :smiley:

Not nearly as good as the real deal, though.

I have a bad nose and I have sneezed 10 times in a row. I wouldn’t compare it to an orgasm in any way except one: Best not to have it happen while driving.

As to the animal thing, I got that pig thing once in an email, along with the information, highly suspect, that only a couple of kinds of animals have sex for fun. I guess the rest of the animal kingdom indulge it in because it’s their duty.

My thoughts exactly. I always enjoy a good sneeze.

I don’t know about sneezing, but yawning may do the trick if you take clomipramine

…I find the best orgasms leave me out of breath and needing more than a moment to recover.

The Master Speaks on sneezing at orgasm.

This column was published in Cecil’s first volume of collected columns. Back in 1990 or so, I was sitting in my living room one Sunday morning, reading said volume. As I was reading the sneeze/orgasm column, my roommate’s girlfriend, while sleeping in the next room with my roommate, let forth a series of 4 or 5 sneezes in very rapid succession. I didn’t stop laughing for 20 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, you-- I’m at work!

Sometimes, if I have a really productive sinus infection and I sneeze, I can see a remarkable similarity between a sneeze and an orgasm.

…Look honey! My nose just came a little!..

Just like orgasms, sneezes are good about the first ten times. Then things start getting a little painful and inflamed. The thing is, when I sneeze I never sneeze just once. It’s always at least fix or six times. It’s a blessing and a curse.