Do pigs REALLY have 30 minute orgasms?

I saw this statistic somewhere on the web and it’s been stuck in my brain ever since. Please debunk and/or verify.

I cannot hear a pig squealing without automatically putting it into new context.

Cecil Adams Do female pigs have six-minute orgasms?. Answer: no.

I’ve been called a pig on more than one occasion… and, sadly, no…

I think they do but they always tell me they were faking it when we break up.

bibliophage, shame on you. You must not have read either the posting or the answer. It is chauvinistic to think that there are only female pigs.

Probably the statistic read by the OP poster is based on some lengthy ‘tie’ that occurs after the male pig manages to penetrate. I don’t know how it is for pigs, but most of us have seen dogs involved in coitus where the male and the female stand relatively placidly while the male finishes ejaculating all his semen into the female. I tend to doubt a ‘tie’ between pigs would last 30 minutes, but who knows, other than the farmers of our board. :slight_smile:
Cecil’s answer was simply that female mammals did not experience orgasms in general; he did admit male mammals do experience it. Thus, Cecil’s answer is not an answer to the OP. :slight_smile:

well, that is true, but…

I still think that asking that question here, and not at least citing Cecil’s take (or lack of take) on the subject is like joining in a discussiong with a Christ cult without the benefit of having read the Bible!

I’m being a lot more sarcastic than serious of course, but if I remember correctly this was in the ORIGINAL Straight Dope compendium! Recommended, nay, required reading for everyone on the planet in my oppinion.

So, go get a copy dude! You’re in for a treat, although he won’t solve your pig dilemma in any big way :slight_smile:
— G. Hrafn

A histology professor of mine collects semen from male pigs. She told us they have 30 minute orgasms in which they pass half a liter of ejaculate.

She has exploited Pavlovian training. Whenever she enters the room, the pigs spontaneously ejaculate.

I don’t know that I’d put “porcine equivalent of hardcore pornography” on my resume, though.

I’m going to have to disagree with Cecil on this one. According to the Illini Pork Net, sows have a large, finger-like clitoris which becomes engorged when they’re in estrus.

So, I have to ask, what’s the point of having a clitoris that becomes engorged when you’re ready to mate, if it’s not to give the female an orgasm? And if the boar is on top of the sow for at least 10 minutes–as this Australian Pig Semen Collection site
says, it can take 10 minutes for him to finish ejaculating-- and if he’s presumably stimulating her clitoris, which is right there, then why couldn’t she be having, if not a continuous 10 minute orgasm, then at least a series of 5 two-minute orgasms, or 2 five-minute orgasms, or 10 one-minute orgasms?

And, according to the Australian AI people cited above, the boar can ejaculate twice.

I love the Internet. I’m not quoting anything from the Illini Pork Net site because, frankly, it’s rated NC-17.

Or maybe it’s just me…

It’s a high point of my amazing life that I witnessed the following:

When in high school, I took an agricultural class. The class was held on a working farm. One day, some students noticed a large pig rubbing himself against the ground in a way that was obviously sexual. Being typical teens, we all gathered around to watch the spectacle. After a couple of minutes of stimulation, the pig began to ejaculate. Though no one timed it, it went on at least 15 minutes. I’m not certain what the others were thinking, but I was pretty damn impressed and somewhat envious. At least until I remembered having bacon with my breakfast that morning.

Being teens, such a display soon caused the young women and men who had been witnesses to exchange furtive glances, pair off, and drift away to find secluded spots in which to make sweet sweet love.

[sub]ok, that last part didn’t really happen…[/sub]

What does an <a ref=“” target=_blank>orgasmic pig</a>.sound like, anyway?

Gee, I hope this link works…

Ah, fooey.

At this point, the classic question is whether you would rather be a pig, and have 15-30 minute orgasms, or a lion, and be able to have up to 50 in a day.

> At this point, the classic question is whether you would rather be a pig, and have 15-30 minute orgasms, or a lion, and be able to have up to 50 in a day. <

Well, since we're here to fight ignorance, I have to point out that humans with unaltered sex organs can experience orgasms for 40 minutes or so. Further, they could have sex non-stop for all of their waking hours except that they wouldn't have the desire to do so. IOW's, nothing physical is limiting the length of time they are having sex. So, normal humans trounce all animals in the area of sexual pleasure.

Well, hello, Mr. Foreskin Fan! Orgasm’s aside, I have a feeling this thread just got substantially longer. Don’t mind me, I’m just stepping out for popcorn.

Yes sirree bob!

I’m not even gonna ask for a cite. Or even for personal anecdotes. Or even circumstantial evidence. Because I believe, with all of my heart, that everything JDT utters must be true.

All hail the Visible Pink Foreskin!

“Pink foreskin?”

Someone want to let a brotha in on the joke?

Fighting Ignorance means empirical testing. Results to be posted soon.

[sub]Sorry Manny, I couldn’t help myself…[/sub]

The Invisible Pink Unicorn is something of a “joke diety” on the Internet and on this site. Generally it’s brought up as a counter example to God/Allah/what-have-you, where the IPU is claimed to be just as likely and has just as much proof as more worshipped dieties.

Here are some links about the IPU and Her church:

Now, Jack Dean Taylor is a poster who has limited range in his interests. Specifically, all (or almost all) of his posts concern the supposed injustice of circumcision. Due to that, and because some of his ideas on the subject are not exactly scientifically rigerious, he (fairly or unfairly) opens himself up to a measure of mocking. The “Visible Pink Foreskin” is a joke that JDT’s diety would not be the IPU, but rather more in keeping with his seemingly only object of interest.

See this thread The Church of the Visible Pink Foreskin