I just learned how to Life-hack Doordash!

Okay, life-hack is a stupid term, and I generally support a short prison term for using it, but I couldn’t think of a suitable alternative on short notice. This is a PSA for people who find that their favorite restaurant is too far from their default delivery location for Doordash to accept the order.

Let’s say you want to order from a restaurant at (for the sake of argument) Anaheim Garden Walk. But suddenly, the Doordash site tells you that an order cannot be delivered to the address on file for your account.


(Sorry, I have no idea why I felt the need to shriek at you to not panic. That’s not likely to have the desired effect. I’ll try to not let it happen again.)

Anyway, at the top of your Doordash screen, in the left corner, your default delivery address appears as a hyperlink in red. Click on that address. A dialog box will open which invites you to enter a different delivery address. Enter an address which you know to be within three miles of the Anaheim Garden Walk (in the given example, the address for Disneyland at 1313 S. Harbor Blvd. will do nicely, but you should be easily able to put in the address of the closest fire station, or something. Of course, in this instance, the closest fire station is probably the one at Disneyland. I should look up if their fire department counts. But I digress).

The Doordash website will suddenly allow you to place an order from this restaurant.

“But kaylasdad99!” I hear you cry. “Now, I’ve just sent $75.00 worth of food to Disneyland! And not as a prank, either! I already paid for it!”

Did you miss the part where I told you not to panic? Well, that still applies. Knock it off. Doordash has a page after your checkout has been successfully entered, which allows you to CHANGE the address the delivery is headed for. The relevant link to click is a box bearing the rubric “Change Address.” You can click into that box and enter your default delivery address.

There’s a possibility that the site will tell you that you’ve entered an invalid address. But all is not lost. Doordash seems a little reluctant to make it common knowledge, if one can infer from their webpage, but they have a telephone number you can call and receive live customer service. That number is freely available on their Facebook page, though. It is (650) 681-9470. Press “2” to indicate that you are a customer. There may be some wait time, but it won’t be too long; and besides, their hold music is really kind of beautiful. When the CSR answers, you can ask that the delivery address be changed to wherever you are. You’re probably at home, at your default address, aren’t you? Thought so.

When you next refresh your checkout page, it should reflect your requested delivery address change.

Bon apetit!

N.B. This probably works best on restaurants you’ve ordered from successfully before, but now find yourself blocked from. AIUI, a recent update to the doordash algorithm has resulted in restaurants outside a three-mile radius from your delivery site being blocked. If you’re pretty far afield (like, the restaurant is in San Diego, and you’re in Vail, CO) it might be a good idea to call that customer service number and ask.

I just tried it and it works. Now I just have to wait and see how long it will take the driver to make it from Anaheim to Massachusetts. I hope the food isn’t cold when it gets here.

I have to use Doordash to deliver meals for after-hours executive meetings here at work. For some reason, one of our favorite restaurants will not show that picking up of food at their place can be done until 6 p.m., and we need it delivered by 5:30 p.m.

I eventually worked out the solution which is pretty much as the OP states. I select the closest time the website will allow, then I call the number and bicker with the CSR to reset it for delivery at about 5:15.

Yes, finding their phone number was a bitch. Their business model leaves a lot to be desired.

I didn’t understand a single word of this. :smiley:

Me either. Except now I really want to go to Disneyland.

Oddly, I don’t have a desire for over-priced chain food.

All this hack seems to be doing is screwing over the delivery driver. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

This sounds like a not nice thing to do.

Any place that’s within a reasonable delivery distance, I can just swing by on the way home from work, after having placed my order in advance either by Web or by phone. (My wife and I commute together. She drives, and I order.) No hacking needed.

On weekends, we either cook or eat out.

You just wasted that poor Doordash driver’s time. You know what they say, time is money.

  1. That’s why I always tip well over the default suggestion in the checkout page.

  2. It’s never been an issue on orders from this location in the past. The reduction in my available ordering radius to 3 miles was unannounced and arbitrary. A conversation with customer service yielded zero clarification of the need for the change from them. I won’t go so far as to claim that I’m entitled to explanations for their decisions, but I honestly sought understanding about why I was being limited. Instead, I was provided with a workaround.

  3. Any of the driver’s time that was “wasted” was infinitesimal when measured against the time it would cost ME to move to a new home. Especially on the evening in question.

Pizza shop owner has friend order $16 pizzas from DoorDash, that in turn pays him $24 each…and Doordash never caught on!