I just lost my job

Nothing bad beyond that, department hired a full time person (which they desperately needed to do) and they can no longer afford a student worker. Its good for the department. They are willing to write me glowing letters of reccomendation and want to see me in a good place, they just can’t pay me.

Bad for me. I’m stuck in Pittsburgh with two weeks warning before I don’t have a job anymore.

I’ll start searching now, hopefully something will appear soon. Its not too hard, I’m reasonably skilled (Chemical Engineering and Philsophy major, set to graduate in Dec. plus I can type, file and make coffee.) I just have never been fired before. I worked at my high school job until I left for college. I worked at my summer interships from the day I was scheduled to show up until I had to go back to school. I gave notice at my retail shit job, after I was refused time off for finals. Its just new, and unpleasant.

Tell me stories, give me advice, convince me that this isn’t something horrible just thought up to torture me.

Hang in there.

This region sucks for job availability and variety. But, since you are a student, there is an end to being stuck in Pittsburgh for you when you graduate.

You weren’t fired, btw. Laid off is the correct term, it fits your situation. Can you get by on the unemployment from the job? You should be eligible, but don’t take my word for it.

If you really need to work, my wife may be able to help. Check with me if your prospects dry up.

You will be just fine.

I wouldn’t exactly say you’ve been fired. If they couldn’t afford you anymore then I guess you’ve been “downsized.”

There’s absolutely no reason for you to feel bad about that.

I’m with Steelerphan. It doesn’t sound like you were “fired,” which suggests that your work was unsatisfactory. You were “laid off” or “let go.” It’s still rough, but it’s not something you are responsible for.

You can get unemployment for part time work? Never knew it was an option, but I’m all for the safety net if it exists. I have a tiny bit of savings but I use those to buy things like schoolbooks and food.

Steelerphan, if you know of something local, please tell me. Even if its just for the summer, that at leats gives me some time before I need to find another job that will flex around classes. I have a car and I’m available. (I had just worked out a T-F schedule that woudl let me and my guy do road trips all summer, but I’m willing to give that up in order to pay rent.)

Crap! This summer was going to be so perfect! I was going to work a few more hours a week that absolutely needed to pay rent and jaunt around the country with my boy, or just enjoy three day weekends for four months. Gah.sigh Oh well. It wouldn’t be life if it didn’t suck big nuggets at points.

  1. File for unemployment, if you qualify.

  2. Sign up with a temp agency or two. Some of the best jobs of my life came from temp agencies (including the one I’ve been at for th past two years!).

You might see if the school you attend is hiring. Some positions may not be full time - at least that’s true where I work.

Another thing - if someone where you work now says “I wish I could do something to help” ask them if they know of any open positions elsewhere. People can be willing to help but unwilling to force help on someone.

from FAQs for Pennsylvania Unemployment benefits.

(necessitous?? Wha??)

I’ll second Kalhoun on signing on with a temp agency – if you’ve got a car, they’ll be able to find plenty of jobs for you. I spent a couple of summers temping, and as long as you’re not planning to get rich, it’s perfectly doable, and leave you time for having fun as well.

Okay, I have a current resume lsted on my school’s job search thingmy anyway, I’ll just have to mark it active again. I’ll look into temp agencies on Monday, as well as a few leads I picked up from one of my bosses. (I have three. Had three. Whatever.)

Thanks for the info.

I need to stop feeling so unhappy about this, as much as I’d like to curl up in a corner and cry.

Is there perhaps an opening in another department of the business?

Good luck!

Sorry to hear of you news. Sending warm thoughts your way.

Hey, curl up in a corner and cry if you need to, then follow all the good advice in this thread. Sometimes we need a little time to mourn when something bad happens.

Hope you find something soon and that it works out even better than this job.

some jobs last longer than others, but ultimately all jobs are temporary. knowing that you will have great references from people who like you and want you to do well should count for a lot. you don’t say exactly where you’ve been working, but you say your “department” let you go (NOT fired you, as others have pointed out). if it’s a business, could you do similar work either for another department of the company or maybe another branch across town? if it’s a department of your school, is there another department that could use your skills? also, the temp agency suggestion is a good idea. with summer coming businesses will need temps to fill in for workers on vacation. the benefit of temping isn’t just the income, but also a chance to take a look at a lot of different workplaces and the different ways that different people do things. when you get into the job market for real you’ll have a better feel for what you might really like and what you really want to avoid. the other thing is to tell as many people as possible that you’re looking for work–not in a desperate way, but in an “i’m welcoming new opportunities” tone. for all you know, the clerk at the dry cleaners might be married to a chemical engineer who needs office help.