I just lost the game!

Is anyone else playing?

Would it even be correct to call it a “game” if they weren’t?

My brother told me about it. I said I wasn’t playing.

He claims I lost anyway.

I don’t blame you. Who wants to play a game where you can’t know when you win? And, contrary to your brother’s opinion, you can’t lose a game if you don’t play it.

As for those who do play it, focus on the positive–how long you went without losing–rather than the negative.

Okay, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I assume I lost.

Yup. We all did. Man, I’d been winning for years.


If it’s the game of Life, I’m losing.

If it’s “the” game, I lost but I don’t really care.

“The game” is much like tic-tac-toe or global thermonuclear war, the only way to win is not to play.

Yeah, my bro’s a 4channer. They think “The Game” is awesome or something. :rolleyes:

Yep, I lost the game.

And winning the game can happen by causing the MOST amount of people to lose the game at one time.

I believe XCD has done something like this as have a few other webcomics

Moving from MPSIMS to the Game Room, where it will enter an unstoppable downward spiral of loss.


People think that they can opt out of the game. By definition this is impossible. Plus, they just don’t want to admit defeat, the suckers.

But I’m still winning.

Lucky for me, I have an army of platinum angels at my disposal.

My equally large army of disenchants says otherwise. You just lost the game. :smiley:

It’s so easy,when you know the rules.

See, I started this thread in MPSIMS, just to see how it would be received by dopers.
There are just 3 rules:

  1. Once you know about the game, you are always playing the game.
  2. The object of the game is to forget that you are playing the game.
  3. When you lose the game, you must announce it.
    Easy enough.

My sister and I are of the opinion that the game is a way of reminding each other not to take life too seriously. It reminds us to relax and play.
I never really considered it to be an actual game; it’s more symbolic than anything else, and I don’t really consider declaring my loss… well, a loss. In fact, when I declare my loss and someone I’ve never met before says “oh, you were playing too?” it seems much more like a win to me.
I think if someone finds this game aggravating, they are taking things much too seriously.
Maybe I’m wacky. Yay!

NO. Everyone is playing the game, regardless of whether or not they are familiar with it. The instant you are introduced to the game is the end of what is usually the longest winning streak you’ll ever have. Some people win their whole lives.

My teflon brain is scheming an evil plot to weave subtle reminders of The Game into my everyday idiosynchrasies. Those around me will be constantly reminded of the game simply by my presence! And since I’m just acting normally, I will not be reminded. Hell, I’m already a natural talent cuz most days I can’t remember my own name!

Makes the revenge business a little awkward though:

[Bursting into the room, sword brandished dramatically]" 'ello! My name is … uh … erm, mutter mutter, ahem you keel my father! Prepare to … quit laughing!"

Heh, “I just won the game!”

Okay, even after reading this thread, I had been winning. But now that I followed the link, I’ve lost. Bummer.

I used to be playing the game, but then I won.

I see no reason to start playing again, it was not really very much fun the first time.