I just me the next governor of Texas..WOOHOO

Kinky Friedman. Seemed like a really nice guy…

Is the missing word “fu$&ed”? That would be something to remember!

Yes it would but you know it’s rolled a fatty. :smiley: :smiley:

I love Kinky. He was on Donny Deutsch the other night, and Donny was being whooshed and not getting it, which was even better. Kinky ended up calling him a sensitive little booger.



a fatty with…

Kinky is a likeable, funny, charming guy. He’s also a joke candidate, however much he may protest that he’s not.

He may very will win the Democratic nomination, because no Democrat with any serious credentials is likely to run (the Dems had what I considered a VERY strong slate of candidates for governor and the Senate last time out, and they got skunked; just goes to show how utterly Republican the state is right now).

But he has no hope of winning in the general election, or even of making a respectable showing. Still, if the Democrats can’t win, they may as well have FUN while losing. No two ways about it, Kinky will be fun.

I don’t know. I don’t think he has any intention of running as a democrat. Today he made sure to tell everyone not to vote in the primary so that they can sign his petition to get on the ballot…Hes asking us to save ourselves for Kinky.

It was a packed auditorium and he got a standing ovation…I talked to a lot of people from college students to an 88 year old man afterword and they all planning on voting for him if he gets on the ballot.

I see a ton of bumper stickers…hell half the people who come into my shop have kinky bumper stickers on their cars and even on their laptops…

I dont think he’s a joke candidate at all…I think he may just pull this off.

I’d certainly vote for him, as would most of the people I know. Hell, even my parents (early to mid 50’s) would vote if he made the ballot! I don’t think he would actually win, but he certainly does have a shot if he makes the ballot.

Can any of us non Texans get one of them thar bumper stickers? ;j


Kinky said in his speach tonight that someone came up to him and said “You may not be worth a damn, Kinky, but you have to be better than what we have.”

That seems to be a theme…lots of people are so disgusted with our current fearless leader but dont trust the dems either.

Cool…zogby polls
Rick Perry ® 41%
Chris Bell (D) 25%
Kinky Friedman (Ind.) 21%

thats of likely voters…doesnt include the 70% or so that didnt vote last time.

What? in Texas every candidate runs as a republican? How do you know which one to shoot at? :smiley:

They shoot back here.

No, he’s definately running as an independant. He’s already slammed both parties pretty heavily.

The Kinksta as Gov. That would be priceless

Heh. I been watching his campaign since it first started … what? A year ago?

Glad to know he’s doing well.

Let’s get Kinky in Austin!

I’m no fan of either Rick Perry or Chris Bell.
Another season of selection by attrition… who’d have thought.

“What do you like about Candidate A?”
“Oh, the fact that he’s not Candidate B.”

I’m a Democratic precinct chair in Houston or else I’d head to the Republican primary and vote for Strayhorn. She’d be infinitely better than Perry, and I’d like to see him lame duck it through 2006. I say if you’re not saving yourself for Kinky and want to vote in the primary, vote Strayhorn in 2006.

I’d rather see strayhorn than perry. I doubt Perry will make it past the primaries, but if he does Kinky will kick his ass. Strayhorn…Might be a bit harder.

Neat interview.