I just might be cool now...

…I just got a Samsung Instinct today and I love, love, LOVE it! Just to put things into perspective, I am upgrading from UTStarcom 7026. I have never had a Bluetooth headset.

Now, seeing as how Sprint can’t seem to get my phone activated, I haven’t fully become acquainted with it, but I did get to play with the pretty sweet GPS Navigation. I am now listening to Sprint radio and just finished playing the ScreenIt demo (mmm, movie trivia!). I have a picture of my dog and daughter on my background. Nice camera on this phone.

I’m impressed. The very nice Sprint guy even threw in an extra battery and charger, so I have THREE batteries and two chargers. Cool! Now, if I just call my best friend with the news, I’d be golden!

Anyone else seen this phone?

I was excited about the Instinct after seeing a trailer for it at one of the big summer movies. I was do for an upgrade anyway, and had pretty much decided on a Blackberry Pearl. I decided to wait a couple more weeks and bought the phone the day it came out.

I like it a lot. I had an issue for the first month or so of use with my visual voicemail, it flat out refused to work. It’s fine now, but got to be a little frustrating.

Still waiting for more apps, but so far I’ve enjoyed it.

The GPS is my favorite feature and one I find myself using constantly. The browser is OK, the media player is OK, the camera/video recorder is pretty decent, although it lacks flash/light, something my previous phone had. Music sounds fairly decent.

I really like it. My son is on my plan and I gave him my old phone, a Sanyo MM-8300, which he’s really liking, but I’ll probably upgrade his to an Instinct in a couple of months since he’s taken a liking to mine too.

Nice phone, but I’m sure you were cool anyway. :wink:

I’m quite fond of the LG Decoy for Verizon. It’s a slider phone, which I dig, and it’s also got a BlueTooth earpiece that’s actually part of the phone. It snaps out when you want to use it, and charges itself when you’re charging the phone. I’m pretty sure it’ll be my next phone.

Oh, I’ve seen that phone. Also, pretty cool. I am contemplating what I’m going to carry my BT headset in since I don’t want it getting smashed at the bottom of my purse, but be handy as well.

Getting smashed at the bottom of your purse is a whole lot better than wearing it on your ear all day, at least!

Funny you should mention that, I was going to add to my last post that I have decided not to be one of those numbnuts that walks around all day wearing it in my ear, even when not using it. :smiley: