Yet another Android adoration thread

I lost my trusty and well-loved Samsung Instinct on a trail day before yesterday. Heartbroken-but-ready-to-move-on and long-story-short, I ended up upgrading to a Samsung Moment because I’ve really been wanting an Android phone since my Google calendar is a good friend to me.

All I can say is…well, let me demonstrate.The Moment is hands down the coolest piece of electronic awesomeness I have ever owned. Google Android is suh-weet! I’m a kid in a candy store. I am app-happy!

Husband is jealous. Sorry, hon, but I can’t help going OMG-LOOK-AT-THIS!!! every five minutes. Who else can I share with? I’m annoying my co-workers… sigh

Oh, thank you dude who waited hours to respond to the 386 phone calls and text messages I blew up my phone with. The fact that you asked for a reward when you called was totally tacky. But I hope you choke on the cigarettes you probably used the $5 I gave you to buy. Just so you know, had you not asked, it would have been more.