I Just Purchased A New Car!!!

It’s a Saturn SC2. The color is cranberry (dark red) with a dark grey interior. It’s nice and sporty-looking, while still being within my budget. What it’s replacing is an '87 Chevy Nova, dark grey with 170K miles, a badly cracked windshield, and less power than President Bush at an OPEC summit. Look up “Piece of Crap” in the dictionary, and you’ll see a picture of my Nova. They gave me 150 bucks for it. I pick up the Saturn on monday. I can’t wait :cool:

Congratulations on your new car. Welcome to parking lot paranoia.

I won’t repeat my tales of new car damage, but suffice it to say that new cars attract dummies. Good luck.

Hey…welcome to the “satisfied Saturn owners” club!

My '96 SL2 has run flawlessly for 111K miles…the car still looks great and I am very happy with it still…'specially now that it’s paid off! :slight_smile:

My dealer gave me a new license plate bracket for the car…it says “Saturn-100,000 miles and still going strong”

Congrats and happy motoring!