I bought a new car!

YAY!!! I be very happy, I bought a new car tonight. It’s a 97 Saturn coupe, hunter green, and very cute. 2 doors, sunroof, spolier, alarm system, remte starter (no more having to wait for my windows to defrost after closing!! ;P), lots of cupholders, big trunk space, and it goes faster than 60, which is a lot more than i can say about piece of crap rental car (damned ford escort…)! I also got brand new tires, and a 2 year warranty. Spiff.
AND, I got it for about the same price as my last car ($10,000, give or take), but I only have a 4 year loan as opposed to the 5 year loan I had on my cavalier. And the payments are only about $30 more than I was making before. I love low intrest rates.
Grr…now I have to figure out how to move out AND make car payments…anyone willing to let me park and sleep in their driveway? :slight_smile:

Hehe. I just had to share all my happy news.
Anyone have a Saturn, and want to volunteer any information for me? It’d be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

One should never, ever describe a car as “cute.”

This should have been the 11th commandment.

I bought an '89 240SX. I wanted to describe my car using all letters and numbers.

<Insert shameless math co-processor vs. non-math co-processor joke here.>

Picking it up tomorrow.
The car is black as a politician’s worst secret, and has some kind of fancy stereo.

I had a '92 Saturn SL2 Sedan. I had it for four years. During that time, I only had one problem with it (and that was my fault for wrecking it once) - it didn’t like its alternators. For the first, oh, two and a half years I had it, it was fine. Then I wrecked it. Within a month of being fixed, it needed a new alternator. A year later, it needed another. By this time, it was out of warranty, so I decided to trade it in on something else.

I loved my Saturn, and trusted it to get me where I needed to go (except in really deep snow. Then it would get stuck.) Mind you, this was only a year after the first Saturn rolled off the assembly line. It was good then - it should be better now. The steel timing chain is the most wonderful thing in the entire world.

Congrats! There’s nothing more satisfying that having a new car!