I just realized a disadvantage of flatscreen monitors.

This thing has annoyed me a lot of times, but never have I said to myself…

“This wouldn’t be happening with a CRT”

It is that you can’t slide a keyboard underneath. The weight distribution of a flatscreen means its 'stand has to extend beyond the bottom of the screen toward you. A CRT has more weight behind the screen than a flatscreen so the stand can be placed further back, under that weight.

I like my keyboard far away (so I can rest my entire forearm on the desk) and my monitor closer (I have good short-range vision) I can’t have both with a CRT without doing something drastic like aquire a shelf for it… Hey… That’s an idea [abandons thread and goes to Amazon but not before finishing this action edit and pressing the submit button]

I was going to suggest that I’d be happy to take your LCD and give you an old clunky CRT in exchange, but I suspect shipping a monitor to the Isle of Man would cost me more than buying a new LCD.

You could mount it to the wall, perhaps?

How about one of these? http://www.cyberguys.com/templates/SearchDetail.asp?productID=6849&curpage=2

Entirely unfeasible. Behind the monitor (and desk) is a tall shelf unit, housing amongst other things, the second monitor.

And the house is made of pebbles and sand. Drill bits do unpredictable things in these walls.
p.s. firefox. ‘unfeasible’ is a word, apparently.

Yeesh, that’s nearly what I paid for my flatscreen to begin with.

After doing some research, I recently purchased this monitor arm and I am very happy with it so far.

That looks like the perfect thing for my requirements. Unfortunately amazon.co.uk doesn’t have it.

So I have two questions.

Can a person who is for postal purposes a UK resident buy from amazon.com?

Is said person financially penalized in any way by doing so?

You should march into your boss’s office and DEMAND a desk that has one of those slidey-outie things.

Also, they’re not so good at providing nice warm places for cats to lie on.:smiley:

Well, I’ve bought stuff from amazon.uk and had no problem doing so. Same for amazon.ca. I can’t imagine it’s a problem going the other way around.

Get yerself one of these. I slide my keyboard underneath and still have room to put my Wacom tablet in front of that.

Fur shure!


Can’t you just build a small stand out of plywood to put the monitor on that raises it up 3-4 inches?

Also, you can’t degauss non-CRT monitors. :frowning:

Why would you want to degauss a non-CRT monitor? Degaussing is only needed for CRTs.

Buying books and DVDs from Amazon for overseas delivery is not uncommon, but beyond that it can get complicated. Items like toys or practical and useful doodads are usually from an Amazon approved seller, who have their own policies on international sales.

Because that ‘poonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng’ noise is the most satisfying thing in the world, obviously.

Or, um, is that just me?

No, I love it, too. The old Apple Portrait Display had an especially loud “pong” and dramatic wavy display. The degauss button was a large pushbutton sticking out the back, perfect for annoying the owner when he had his computer’s backside facing visitors. You could press that degauss button again and again because the owner couldn’t easily reach you because the screen itself was so deep. It was endless fun, almost as good as a 12 foot section of bubble wrap.