I just received a billing invoice from "iOffer", an online service I have not used in 7 years

About 7 years ago I sold some lawn darts (Jarts) on iOffer as eBay would not list them as a banned item. That was my one an only use of their service, and I have not used the service in 7 years now. It’s just dumb luck for them I even have the same email account for them to contact me after all this time.

I just received a bill for $4.40 from them with no explanation attached. To the best of my recollection I concluded all business with them and paid all selling and transaction fees etc. at that time. I went on the site and logged in, and indeed it is a bill from their site, not a phishing scheme. There is nothing attached to the bill as an explanation of the charge.

I think the bill is BS and have asked for an explanation. On the off chance I owe the money I’ll pay it, but I’m curious if the bill is still valid after 7 years.

Depends on the law in your area. Around here any claim for unpaid moneys has to be filed within six years.

Do not pay.

It may not be from Ioffer.

It could be a phishing scam, to get your credit card account number.

Contact Ioffer directly, & ask about it.

Did you read the OP? He did and it is a charge from them.

when you contact a business for a suspect email billing you should not use the email address links or phone sent to you in the bill, obtain those independently.

Contact them independently (get their contact info from their website, or a business directory or phone book. Then ask for an itemized bill or for them to explain the charge. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have no idea what you are talking about.

Did you use their link to login to their site, or did you navigate there independently? If you clicked on a link that they sent you, and you entered your username and password there, your ioffer account could be compromised. Try to login by navigating to ioffer yourself, and check if the account status agrees. If what you see there doesn’t match what you saw earlier, you have been a target for phishing and need to contact ioffer right away.

No I went onto their site. It was an actual ioffer bill floating up from the dim past. I received a message today in response to my inquiry to ignore the bill. This whole episode is interesting, however, as online information apparently lives forever. I’m so used to second an third tier service providers vanishing over time I’m honestly surprised they’re even around.