I just saw #44!

I think.

I was running down by Lake Michigan over lunch. In Burnham Harbor, there are generally a few rather large private yachts. But at the end of the harbor was a boat so large, it dwarfed everything else in the water. It bore the name Blue Moon, which, according to this site, http://powerandmotoryacht.about.com/library/weekly/november01/aa110801d.htm
is the 44th biggest private “megayacht” in the US.

What an awesome display of inconceivable wealth! And as I passed, out of the back popped a sleek little varinished wooden runabout.

Goodness me! It was so impressive, and so different from anything I usually see, I felt like posting about it.

Has anyone here ever been on a craft like this?

Heck, there were 3 guys in an inflatable outboard scrubbing down the hull (wearing smart white polo shirts.) I can think of less pleasant ways to make a buck.
According to this page

I was sure that you’d run into Hank Aaron. Oh well, this is almost as impressive.

Or Reggie Jackson.

Or Al Gore.