Bizarre superyachts proposed

What the…?

I suppose if you’re gonna drop that much dough, you want to stand out from all the other superyachts crowding the wharf in Monaco, Nassau or Palm Beach.

Well, if I had $95-mil sitting around, that’s probably not the first thing I’d spend it on, but it’s not awful, either. The blurb says the shape mimics the eye and open jaw of a killer whale. One of the pictures makes it clear that that’s the stern, so it’s a killer whale swimming backwards.

I’m fairly willing to bet that either or both of these will be bought by Larry Ellison of Oracle, or Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Those two have been in a competition over who has the biggest toys for several years.

These two new boats in that article are actually much smaller than Larry’s Rising Sun, which is so big at 454 feet, it actually can’t enter most marinas and has to anchor offshore, and passengers have to take a tender. Either of these new ones would be a perfect opportunity for him to get a small runabout with some style.

I’m in favor of all avant-garde design when it comes to boats. Yacht design, at least among motor-yachts, has become pretty uninteresting lately. The only recent yacht design I really like is the Gentry Eagle, and that’s on the smaller side.

Ellison’s current yacht is probably very comfortable but I don’t think it’s all that cool looking.

To be completely honest, if i had the 95 million to burn, I sure as hell would buy that crap …

I can remember seeing a 1920s vintage John Alden pilot house motor launch IIRC it was some 30 meters or so that had been used as the private launch of some admiral in WW2 that had just been restored and was on the market for something like $300KUS … I would much rather have a work of wooden art, with grace, beauty and a history than some fibreglass piece of shit.

I have been rummaging around online looking for it, and have not been able to find it or anything like it yet =(

It doesn’t look so much like a killer whale as much as a tuna.

Tunas get a bad rep for their “chicken of the sea” image. Tunas are beautiful and impressive creatures.

Word. They’re also winners.

Based on these pictures, the yacht does look like a whale - swimming backwards.

I think it’s pretty damn cool.

James Bond could have a great showdown with a supervillain on one of those things.

p.s. I think the Infinitus looks much cooler, of the two. More pictures here.

It looks like those are giant windows on the side? (Note the reflections) So that’s an indoor swimming pool in the middle.

Agree. Much cooler, even if it’s still the same awful white color.

Looks like a $300 basketball shoe to me.

What good is a boat if you can’t get wind and water in your face? Plus, you need to be able to anchor a boat and fish for a while.

I wouldn’t give $95 million for either one of those boats; I’d rather have a few really flashy deck babes.

Aha! That’s what was niggling at the back of my mind!

I couldn’t find an image of what you mentioned, but I did find this. Besides sails, this had a 20hp motor.

The page from which I plucked that described it as:

Is that what you had in mind?

A lot of mega- and super-yachts are godawful ugly. This at least has some deliberate style, even if it’s oddball Star Trek-y style, and overall it’s a lot less goofy looking than I was expecting. That it looks like a whale if you look at it backwards is pretty cool, in my opinion.

I was hoping they were building another ludicrous modernized square-rigger, but I guess there’s only one Maltese Falcon.

( for the curious. I think it takes all the fun out of sailing square, but what do I know of the rich.)

Yep, once I saw that they were picturing the boat ass-backwards, I realized that it’s not really any differently shaped from other ships. It just has more fancy panel designs (which probably increases the weight of the boat and blocks vision from inside.)

I’ll personally guess that it’s going to flop.

ETA: And who else looked at picture #4 and thought of the bridge of a Star Trek ship? :slight_smile:

The cost of the boat is one thing, you don’t want to go broke paying the crew. It takes a lot of people to brace the yards if they’re doing it by hand.

Nope, more of this Though the specific one I am thinking of was the conspicuous consumption luxury motor yacht of its day … the one I want specifically was built by John Alden in the 1920s and was strictly a motor yacht [most of the yards other stuff was sail, my grandfather had them build him a 39 foot yawl in 1936 that I learned to sail on called the Sea Gypsey.]