I just saw a gorgeous blonde who had the hugest...

…purse I’ve ever seen.

Ha! I bet some of you thought I was going to say jugs. And yes, they were huge as well.

But speaking of huge jugs, you could have put three one-gallon milk jugs in that purse. Seriously. It was nearly the size of a duffel bag. It would have fit three human heads with room left over for a smallish arm. A small child could hide in the thing, although he’d be wise to remove the severed heads first.

Sheesh, how many tampons, compacts, and checkbooks does one person need?

Her gas-powered vibrator was in there. You know, in case she ever needs some weeds whacked or some eggs beaten (which is close enough to its intended purpose).


From the size of the thing, it might be a solar or wind powered vibrator.

No. It’s the kickstart kind.

Funny you should mention this. I was reading an article in the news today about a case involving a purse. A police officer observed a man rifling through a purse on a public street and made the assumption that the man had stolen the purse from some woman and he had probable cause to question him about it. The appeal now working its way through the court system is the man’s claim that he is a transvestite and that therefore he carries a purse regularly and it is no more suspicious for him to be searching through a purse than it is for a woman to be doing so. The court so far has agreed that some men do carry purses and if a man appears to be the type of man who would be carrying a purse it would not constitute probable cause. Now the issue being decided is whether this particular individual on this particular day was in fact dressed in a manner that would indicate to a reasonable person observing him that he was the owner of the purse he was carrying rather than somebody for whom carrying a purse appeared to be out of character and was therefore a reasonably suspicious activity. Questions being asked in pursuit of this decision include what clothing the man was wearing; what jewelry he was wearing; whether he was wearing make-up; what clothing, jewlery, and make-up he could afford to wear (the man in question is homeless); and whether or not he had shaved on the day in question.

Thus the Rule of Law moves forward.

Ginormous bags are in this year. I’ve always carried briefcase/messenger bag sized purses (and yes, I *do * need all that space!), but lately I’ve been seeing bags you could carrry a Doberman in. And usually on teeny, tiny girls who walk with a noticeable lean while carrying them.

Come to think of it, the first truly enormous bags I noticed last year were being carried by the yellow Olsen twin. I’d just assumed that she was toting the brown one, who’d gotten too malnourised to walk.

In the current UK Big Brother, there is a blonde with big bosoms:

‘Model Lea used to be 22 stone, and says she now has the largest breast implants in the UK. She admits to being grumpy in the morning until she’s had a cup of tea!’


For some reason, this caused me to laugh hysterically. I’m so glad I didn’t have a mouth full of soda…

Glee, that ain’t no woman. she/he/it scares me. Boobies of doom.

Indeed, that is so incredibly unsexy. shudder

Doesn’t this sentence remain true even if you remove “current”, “UK”, and even “the”?

I thought you were going to say “tracts of land.”

This is my current purse

I keep my change in the matching wristlet purse which I don’t have a picture of.

My mother in law gave it to me for my birthday.

I think it’s cool.

My husband does too because it’s so huge he can find ANYTHING in it.

Like a Bag of Holding, eh? You could probably reach in there and pull out a puppy.

Yes I’ve been noticing lately these huge bags on younger women. I wonder, what the heck do they have in them??? They’re hideous.

Now my mother has always carried a huge purse. But she keeps a makeup bag, umbrella, her book, lots of papers, etc. in there. But she’s 60 and my mom; I expect her to be carrying an “old lady bag.” But these giant bags on young women? WTF?

This is my current purse:
It’s just the right size for eveything I need.

I have this one too:
But I had a really hard time filling it up, and my boyfriend made fun of me for how big it is (and it’s not even that big.)

By the way, any other Vera Bradley fans out there??

I loathe Vera Bradley with the fire of a thousand suns. To me, *those * are old lady bags, suitable only for carrying the obligatory knitting. The bag that one carries to one’s place of business should not have little flowers on it.

This is my everyday work bag. I have it in black, and in cream. It’s 17 inches across, 11 inches high, and 5 inches deep. It holds everything I *know * I’ll need for the day, some stuff I *might * need for the day, and a change of underwear. :wink:

I like Vera Bradley because I don’t like leather handbags, and it’s really hard to find fabric handbags nowadays. I am not on old lady, only 30, and I happen to like her flowered fabrics, they really fit with my taste and personality. I also like the variety of bag styles, there is truly something for everyone, from tiny to ginormous. And I like that you can had coordinating wallets, makeup pouch, eyeglass ease, you name it, so everything matches.

My co-worker just got a reasonable-sized Vera Bradley bag and even I (who don’t even carry a purse) thought it was cute. It’s turquoise and brown, that’s why, because those are trendy and now and hip and I know she will trade it in next season.