I just saw Godsend and I am confused.

What are we supposed to assume at the end?
That everything is going to be ok and everyone live a normal life despite the fact that

He killed a kid and posesses a murderers Genes? Also, don’t they ever feel grief for the son they lost in NYC? Because obviously their new son is not the same son they had before because there is a new person’s genes involved and aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh but this new murderer son makes it ok? That’s like saying a brother or sister negates the grief of losing a child. Or are we supposed to assume at the end that he will always have his demons but he will fight them? Maybe the parents are deluding themselves and this new son will eventually kill them. (That “I’m ok, Daddy” at the end still creeped me out a bit.)

This is why genetics gives me a nose-bleed. This movie stressed me out.

Don’t even bother trying to figure it out, it was just plain bad. We COULD discuss plot holes forever, but this movie just isn’t even worth it.