I just saw the first "Serenity" trailer!!

Joss Whedon and the whole cast showed up at Comic-Con today and showed a “what we have shot so far” trailer. It rocks! Rievers and crime and funny lines and action and all that stuff!

The panel discussion was wonderful, and the cast got a standing ovation several times. The name of the game today seemed to be “make fun of Morena Baccarin day.” When she revealed that her nickname on the set was “Whore,” Adam Baldwin offered that what they really called her was “Stupid.” :smiley: It was all in good fun, and the cast was very relaxed and joking with each other. Lots of good snappy repartee, and a SRO crowd.

Joss offered little information on anything, as usual, but he did seem to indicate that the future of “Firefly” was to be on the big screen. He said he couldn’t see them back on the small screen.

He also said Gunn is dead. Then he laughed, so take that as you will.

I’ve never seen a panel of hotter women and buffer guys. Even Ron Glass looked buff. I dibs Kaylee!!! Mine, mine, mine!!!

Did they say when it might be in theaters?

You son of a bitch. :stuck_out_tongue:

You better start recapping that trailer in perfect detail before I start whining.

Oh yeah, and The actress who plays Kaylee, (Jewel Staite) is married sorry!

The trailer said “Spring 2005.”

The trailer opens with a bunch of quickcuts of the crew staging a robbery/hijacking. Mal opens the safe to find spare change. Zoe comments that this is the big score they have been waiting for, and that now they can retire and give up this life of crime (if she was any more sarcastic saying this, Mal would have burst into flames.) There are then a bunch of quick character-cuts, showing each crew member doing something exciting. River gets shot in the neck somehow, and the very last shot of the trailer is her laying on her back, holding the wound in her neck, staring at the ceiling and saying “Rievers.” It was very much a work-in-progress trailer, so there wasn’t any coherent story shown. The cast is filming at Universal Studios, so they just bipped down to San Diego for the day.

So Jewel is married…big deal. So am I. Doesn’t change my getting dibs! In return for me getting Kaylee, my wife gets a three-way with Mal and Jayne. :smiley: (I know, I should have bargained harder!)

The release date is April 22, 2005, according to Nathan Fillion’s set blog.

That is WAY cool, although I hope it isn’t like the Borg–“let’s have the baddest-ass villains in every movie!”

Can hardly wait!!

I saw it too!! That event was the best time I had at the Con. The cast and Joss were just so graceful, funny and at ease. It was such a contrast to the Tense-fest that was the Sarah Michelle Gellar appearance…

Looks like a great movie, too!

Joss said that in this one the bad guys are the Alliance and the Rievers. The Blue-Sun guys don’t play a part. So that means he is saving them for the sequel!

Nitpick: Reavers.

Sorry, that’s been bugging me.

I knew that. :smack:


  1. ( P ) Pronunciation Key (rv)
    v. Archaic reaved, or reft (rft) reav·ing, reaves
    v. tr.
    To seize and carry off forcibly.
    To deprive (one) of something; bereave.

v. intr.
To rob, plunder, or pillage.

[Middle English reven, to plunder, from Old English rafian. See reup- in Indo-European Roots.]

And may I ask just WHY this isn’t online yet??