I just watched a hilarious movie. An "action" movie.

It was The Marine starring Pro-wrestler John Cena. The opening credits showed that it was a WWE movie. I knew then that I was in for a treat. Within the first five minutes I was laughing out loud, odd for a hostage rescue scene usually. There are so many huuuuge, ridiculous explosions that it boggles the mind. The numerous fight scenes have heavy wrestling overtones, the acting and script are a study in hilarity, continuity errors abound, and realism is shunned, nay, abused.

If you’re a 13 year old wrestling fan, you might like this movie as a kick ass action flick, otherwise you will probably just laugh your ass off.

If you can see this movie for free, or at least on cable like I did, I recommend spending 90 minutes being entertained by what some unfortunate people regard as really good action. This movie was so bad, that I will most definitely be watching it again.

If you’re into really bad movies starring pro wrasslers, you might “enjoy” Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe which proved, once and for all, that Jesse Ventura does indeed posses a body.

John Cena is super hot.

That is all.

If this is the movie I am thinking of, that sucks, I wanted to watch it to see how many landmarks I could identify in the background. It having been filmed in my home town.

And you know the trailer actually made it look mildly appealing - in a B-grade action movie kind of way.

I actually just watched it again, this time with my roommate. He said it might have been the worst movie he’s ever sat through all the way. He was doing quite a bit of laughing though, so “worst” is relative.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many enormous explosions in a movie before. Ever. They’re that over the top.

Oh what the hell. I just added it to my Netflix cue, but only because Otto said the dude was hot.

Even as a straight guy, I can assure you that he is a handsome dude.

I’m also mortified I typed cue instead of queue.

Well, he’s no “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Nobody asked the most important question…any nude scenes? :slight_smile:

I wanted to start a thread about this movie. This is the only time I can honestly say a movie was so bad it was genuinely and unrelentlessly enjoyable because it was bad.

Sadly no. There’s a scene where John Cena has his shirt off (natch). In the same scene you can see Kelly Carlson in her bra and panties, but you’d have much more fun with a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

LOL. You might, but I may not.

I will definitely have to catch this movie on cable. It sounds as funny as “Transporter 2” was for me. :slight_smile:

It’s been on one form or another of Cinemax at least 4 times today. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

That’s it? One scene? A movie like this, he should never have his shirt on.

Sorry, but on the best day of Roddy’s life he was nowhere near Cena’s level of hotness.

A guy of his size does not wear a shirt, the shirt wears him. No Yakov Smirnoff needed.

Don’t rile him; he’ll spend six minutes beating you until you change your mind.

Also, it seems that few pro wrestling fans can tolerate *anything[/] that could even remotely be construed as homoerotic. Go figure.

Some of my friends are such fans of this movie that they’re making a point of watching EVERYTHING Sven Ole Thorson has ever been in. I wound up bittorrenting the entire run of Captain Power just because Sven has a major role in it.

In fact, the ringleader of that group of friends actually went so far as to get the only action figure of Sven that exists (from Captain Power). It’s a crappy action figure, but now at least he can say he has the Secundus action figure. :smiley: