i just wrote my last final exam for the year - HORRAY!


It went pretty well, the only question I really didn’t know the answer to (and I still don’t), is What is the PRIMARY precipitating factor in gang rape.

I said Power, but I’m not sure if that’s correct. My logic is that peer pressure can only go so far.

I dunno. Anyhow - I’m done!


What, are you an educator writing a test for others to take…
…or a student trying to take one? It seems aweful early for final exams.

Neither - I just finished writing the exam - it was an essay, several short answer questions and a few multiple choice.

The only question that I really don’t know the correct answer to (as oppsed to the answer that I think is correct) is the gang rape one.

Oh well - it’s done. Incidentally - does anyone know the real answer?