I keep deleting stuff, and it keeps coming BACK!

I have tried repeatedly to remove files from my “start” menu, from my “active desktop”, and from my browser’s “favorites” menu. Every time, though, after I log on to my network, the damn things reappear. Is there anything I can do on my computer to make sure that stuff I delete stays deleted, or do I have to go stand in line at our company’s IT department?

which OS are you using ?

Depending upon the OS, you may not be able to remove or add stuff to your desktop. Usually this will happen in a Win NT or Win 2000 environment.

Depending on your company and your IT manager’s evil power trip :wink: you probably will have to stand in the IT line and see what you can get customized assuming you have one of the two above. Otherwise you have a freaked out OS and it needs to be reinstalled.

told to stop inserting itself in you ‘start at bootup’ list by going to view, then preferences, and click the ‘general’ tab. You will then find, in the lower half of the window, what you are looking for.

In Windows98, start->run, type msconfig, click ‘OK’, check or uncheck items in the ‘active on startup’ list.

Some software like CyberPatrol is more difficult. Perhaps there is someone more knowledgeable than myself out there?

… specifically, an empty “Adobe” folder keeps popping up in my documents folder. I keep deleting it, and it keeps coming back. Windows 2000, SP 2. Why?

A sure sign of a one world government taking over. i would start stockpiling non-perishables.

Work environment huh? probably Win2000? You dont have the permissions is my guess… and thats DAMN low permissions.

Could also be anti-virus software at work… Norton system works is bad about that sort of thing on occasion.

Neat tip. I’ve never come across that before. Thanks!

I agree with Whammo, and if it is not Win2000, check if you use a specific profile for the computer. The IT department could have set permissions for the profile to prevent changes in the menus.

What the hell happened to my post? I posted this same question from home about 5 hours ago. Oh, well. Here it is again.

My sister is running Win 95 and a bunch of stuff starts during boot up. Is there an equivalent program in 95 to the above?





You might try Startup Cop from PC Magazine. It lets you pick the programs you want to run, and save lists as profiles. Best of all, it’s free.

this must have been a premonition. I always keep an eye on what’s running and sudennly I have systray running which (as explained in another thread) I do not need. How the heck did it get started? Not only that, I terminate it, clean out the register entry which started it and when I boot up again it’s there again! I had to rename the program so it could not be found and delete the register entry several times until I finally got it to disappear. For A while there I thought I might have a virus under that name.

Anyway, I will post what I have posted many times in past threads and which a search will easily find. Places where programs can start in WIN95

A program can be loaded at startup from:

  1. WIN.INI
    on the load= and run= lines.

  2. STARTUP folder.



    HKEY_USERS\DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce etc

Drivers (VXDs) can also be loaded at startup time from:

    the [386enh] section.

If you do not find your “offender”, be aware that entries may not use the name you expect. Also examine the entire \windows\startmenu\programs tree for additional Startup folders.

MSCONFIG in WIN98 just changes what you can change by hand in win95

Thanks sailor, I’ll send that along to my sister.

If you’re using NT or 2000, do you have a roaming profile? (Check Start->Settings->Control Panel->System->User Profiles, highlight your profile, click change type. If it says roaming, then there is a copy of your profile in your network home directory where all this crap is kept. You may be deleting stuff off your local profile, and your system may be set up to sync the two at login.