I Keep Getting 'Error On Page' (Test Post).

My computer keeps giving me the “Done, but with errors on page” message. This is something new for me with the SDMB. I don’t know what is causing it. I accidentally dropped my computer modem a couple of inches on the table a couple of days back, but everything else on my computer’s access to the internet seems alright.

Anyways, this is just a test to see if I can still post alright. This is just a test :slight_smile: .

I should add I mainly get the “Error on page…” message on the SDMB. I generally don’t get it too often other places on the internet, and if I do, I can just refresh the page to get rid of it generally.

That probably means it doesn’t like something in our coding – our page coding, our ad coding – but it’s rendering the page anyway.

It’s harmless.

What’s your operating system and web browser?

We have a Microsoft Windows XP in an “Emachine”. Our web browser is Internet Explorer.

Generally speaking, the error you describe can be mitigated by (as with IE 6x) going to [ Tools | Options | Advanced ] and click the two boxes to disable script debugging. I don’t know what the settings are for IE 7x because I won’t allow it to be installed.

Yep, it’s the same thing in IE7.


I have the same problem, even though I turned off the debugging. I sometimes, not always, get a popup window with the page text that I have to close before continuing.