I keep waking up crippled

Situation: Every morning, I wake up feeling as if I have twisted my left ankle overnight. I hobble and gimp around for a while until it settles down. I tried wrapping it with an ACE bandage one evening but it did not help.

Duration: This has been going on for a few weeks, and the only trauma I can remember is bumping my ankle against my metal bed frame when I was making the bed.

Any ideas?

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I wake up


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My feet hurt for a while after getting up in the morning. I’m overweight and pushing 50 - that’s what I attribute it to…

If it goes away after you’ve been walking on it for awhile, it could be a joint problem such a bursitis, tendonitis, or arthritis. I had bursitis in my feet for most of a year. I have no idea why it finally went away.

You could, you know, get it checked.

Is your bed long enough? I had severe pain at the base of my toes which I attributed to working in heavy boots. My girlfriend pointed out one day that while sleeping I rest my feet inside the design work at the footboard on the bed, and would occationally even kick it. Once I removed the footboard, the pain went away.

It doesn’t sound too much like plantar fasciitis, which I’m sure is actually spelled some other way. But both my mother and my aunt had it, and had to sleep in a brace. But it went away after a while.

I don’t want to frighten you, but I had what I thought was a recurring sprained ankle. It turned out to be gout. This can be tested for by a simple blood test which measures uric acid levels.

I like that song lyric!

Yes, my bed is plenty long enough. I’m only 5’ 3", so I have more than enough wiggle room.

If I can’t get it settled down I will get it checked out. I am pushing 42, so maybe it’s age-related…Arrrgh.

Yes, it could simply be age related. The wife and I both began experiencing morning pain in the bottoms of our feet, but not the ankles, once we hit middle age. Makes us walk around crippled at first, too. Happens fairly often but not all the time.

This is exactly what I was going to suggest.

The good thing is, if it is gout,it can usually be managed quite well.

My grandfather got his gout attacks in his ankles. Mine happen in my big toes.

Good luck.

Well, shoot…I have had it to a lesser degree in the left big toe as well, though there has never been any discoloration or swelling at either affected area.
I’ll see about that gout.

Okay, I’m off to the podiatrist this week. I now suspect that it might be some kind of soft tissue injury, since I had banged it on my metal bed frame weeks ago. We’ll see.

Funny, I came in here to tell you to get tested for gout. Looks like I am not the only one who knows the hell that is gout. One suggestion – I am on a daily regimen of allopurinol (it’s a $4 script at wal-mart) and never have episodes. Some people prefer to wait til they have a flare-up and then take that pill that gives ya the shits. Trust me, if it’s gout, maintenance drugs are the way to go. I hope it turns out to be no big deal and that you find relief soon.

Well, the podi doc took x-rays this morning, found no arthritis but suspects a bruised tendon that is taking its good old sweet time to heal. So I am supposed to take more Aleve, get an ankle brace, and ice the little bugger.

I hope that does if for you because gout’s no fun. One thing it can do is move from joint to joint and foot to foot, ie left ankle to right big toe. Keep that in mind if your toe pain doesn’t clear up too.

Tendons do take a loooooong time to heal. Imagine how long it should take, then double it - now you’re closer to the ballpark. In my experience, they never heal up completely, either, when you’re not a teenager any more. I tore my achilles tendon about seven years ago, and it still twinges me. Um, as yours is probably only bruised, I’m sure it will be fine. Don’t mean to scare ya. :slight_smile:

Okay, I won’t be scared. :wink: Saw the podi again today, got electrocuted via the galvanic current thingy, about 150 volts of tingly goodness; he asked if I wanted to wear a walking boot and get a MRI; I said no to both, as I am already wearing an ankle support, icing, and so on. He said he would really like to do an MRI, though, if this doesn’t settle down in about 3 weeks. Sigh.

I just had the MRI today; should be able to determine something at the next doc visit.

Okay, the diagnosis is…slow-healing case of tendinitis, with some nighttime edema. A bit of fluid builds up while I sleep but goes away after I get up and walk for a while.

The treatment: time, a walking boot, ice, and more time.

I’m going to scold you because I love you, vivalostwages, and you know that. Seven days, people. Seven days! If a problem is recurring for more than seven days straight with no change hie thee to a doctor. AGH! This make me want to smack people.

Don’t you know we don’t want to see anything happen to you? I’m glad it’s straightened out; now keep on it!