I killed a cat last night. :(

Yesterday evening, on my drive from home to my parents’ house, a cat darted across the road in front of me. I saw it coming, and I tried to swerve out of its path, but it zigged just as I zagged, and ran right under my left front tire.

I’ve never hit an animal before. The bump was awful, and I pulled over immediately. I walked back to check on the cat. Poor thing, it was lying on the double lines, its legs folded awkwardly under it. There wasn’t any blood visible, but it was in a bad way. It was gasping for air, and its gums were nearly white. It was purring very softly, and hissed when I knelt beside it.

I was beside myself. There wasn’t a vet for forty miles, as far as I knew. I heard some traffic coming, so I got off the road. By the time those cars had passed, the cat died, which of course, upset me even more. I couldn’t just leave it there in the middle of the road. It had probably come from the houses just ten yards back from the other side of the road, and I didn’t want some child to find their pet crumpled in the middle of the road.

So, I picked up the cat and carried it (him) over to the house. It just broke my heart. He was such a handsome cat - thick white and marmalade fur, yellow eyes. All I could think of was how scared he must have been and how he must have hurt. One of his back paws was badly broken, but other than that, there was no visible damage. Halfway to the house, though, I caught a whiff of some truly awful stink.

I “lucked” out, in that the first house was where he’d come from, and the woman in the backyard said he was hers. I was much more upset than she was. She told me not to feel bad, since they’d lost four dogs in the past year on that very road. Of course, that didn’t make me feel any better. She couldn’t decide whether or not to tell her daughter that her cat, Lucas, was dead.

On my walk back to my car, a man pulled over on the other side of the road and asked if I needed help. I managed to thank him and say I was fine, but he turned around, and his wife asked me again, to make sure I wasn’t scared off by a man asking me if I needed help after dark on a lonely county road.

I cried for about ten miles, and it still hurts to think about it. I know things like this happen, but I know how devastated I’d be if my cat were killed. Between Lucas suffering and the little girl who owned him maybe not finding out what happened to her cat . . . let’s call it a rotten night all around.

When I got home, my dad was blase, my mom was sympathetic, and I ended up having to change my shirt because I couldn’t convince myself that I didn’t smell dead cat on it.


Poor you. Poor kitty.

Have a hot bath and a cup of hot cocoa.

Not your fault.


{{phouka}} :frowning: reading about it is upsetting, I guess it was very hard for you… dont be hard on yourself though, what an awful night but I commend you for looking for the cats house… r.i.p. Lucas. :frowning:

last year I was driving home after dark on a narrow curvy road with a guy tailgating me. I saw a flash of brown fur fly towards my car from across the road. My back tire went over whatever it was. The car behind me (which was right on my bumper) went over it too. The road was too narrow and the car behind me was too close for me stop. I felt so guilty I dreamed (dreamt?) about it. In my dream the car behind me reported me for hit-and-run and the cops showed up to find out why I had hit this dog and not stopped…

Probably doesn’t help, but I thought I’d share and you would see that you aren’t the only one.

Poor phouka. It really isn’t your fault… these things happen to everyone. Though I can’t keep from thinking that if they’ve already lost four dogs on the road in a year, you would think they’d try a bit harder to keep their animals safe. Or get a goldfish. I lived on a busy road with three dogs and two cats… never lost one, and both the cats were outdoor-only.

The only animal I’ve ever run over was a pigeon, who flew down and landed in the middle of the lane I was travelling in on the highway. Traffic on both sides, so no way to dodge… I hit the poor thing going about 85. Mr. Kitty insisted that the pigeon committed suicide (and really, looking back, it did appear that way- it just flew down and sat there, looking at the car); still, I cried the entire way home (+50 miles). Since moving out here to the boonies, Mr. Kitty has taken out two deer and a rabbit; I have no idea what I’m going to do if I ever hit anything, especially someone’s pet. :frowning:

I know I’m ragging when reading about a cat getting run over gets me misty… :frowning: Cats are such beautiful creatures.

My sympathy to you, to Lucas, and to Lucas’s family - especially the little girl.

At least you stopped and stayed with him, and at least the pain passed relatively quickly for him.

I know how you feel.

One time many years ago, a dog ran out in front of my car, and despite swerving and braking hard, I hit him. Just as I got out of the car the dog’s owner and his 10-12 year old son came running out to the middle of the road. This happened about 30 years ago, but I still can hear that kid saying to his father, is he going to be okay? is he going to be okay? And the father said something to the effect of, “I don’t think so, son.” The father and I had a nice talk, considering the circumstances, and he had to assure me more than once that he didn’t blame me.

That day will live in my memory forever.

They lost four dogs in a year on that same road? I wonder if it ever crossed their minds to take better care of their animals. Granted, there’s not much you can do about a cat, but you’d think they catch on as far as the dogs are concerned.

Ah, that sucks, Phouka. Sorry to hear it. I hope you do realize that it was in no way your fault, although I certainly understand why you feel bad. Anyone with a heart would.
We see sad little road casualities too often in our neighbourhood. Our subdivision is sort of off the beaten path, so I’m sure people think it’s okay to let them out. It’s still a gamble though really. If you don’t let them out, they’re safer, it’s that simple.

Poor kitty. :frowning:

Oh phoula, that must have felt awful. You are obviously a kind and sensitive person, and as such, you will probably always remember the sad events of last night and will probably always feel bad about it. But a lot of people wouldn’t have stopped to see how the cat was, even more wouldn’t have picked it up off the road, and even more, still, wouldn’t have searched for the cat’s home and spoken with the owner. Considering the unfortunate circumstances, you acted in the bravest and most compassionate manner possible, and you should take some consolation in that.

I’m so sorry I spelled your name wrong, phouka. Now I’m the one who feels awful!

Poor phouka.

Poor kitty. :frowning:

I’m so sorry, phouka. You did the right thing by stopping.

Oooh, that was painful to read. Even worse for you to have gone through, I’m sure. Take heart, you did all that you could, & more than some would have done.

Last summer, as I was driving up the Garden State Pkwy at night (divided 4-lane hiway at that point), something ran out of the grassy median strip in front of me & tried to dart across the road. I tried to swerve but there was no time, the animal had run out too quickly. I was doing about 50mph at the time, had just entered the Pkwy & hadn’t quite gotten up to speed yet. From the brief glimpse I got in the headlights, I’m 95% sure it was a fox.

First animal I’ve hit in over 30 years on the road. I was shaking like a leaf afterwards & had to slow down for a spell & then stop at the first rest area - fortunately just a couple miles up the Pkwy - & sit for a while.

With all of the roads & cars in this world, this is gonna happen. Doesn’t make it any easier.

Just to add to the MPSIMS of it all…

One time, I accidentally, purposely ran over a cat. It was running across the road at about 2:00 in the morning, and I aimed for it. I hit the gas harder, and ran it right over. When I felt that “awful bump”, I realized that what I had run over and tried so hard to hit was not a Whataburger bag blowing across the street in the wind. It wasn’t until the next morning that I actually found out that it was a cat. I felt bad. Until then, I was wondering how a Whataburger bag was so swiftly blowing across the street with a huge rock or block of wood in it.

phouka, I know that I can’t tell you not to feel bad, because you will anyway. A few years ago I hit a black lab puppy on a back country road. God, it hurts to think about now, even.


That’s so sad. I commend you taking responsibility for finding its owner. :frowning:

FOUR dogs on the road in the past YEAR???

And they still don’t keep Kitty inside?


Kitty’s in a better place.


That sucks.

Good for you for stopping and trying to find the owners. I don’t think much of the owners, though - 4 dogs in a year?

Last weeks a friend was walking her dog on a flexi lead near a forest preserve. The dog was wearing a collar with flashing lights. A car came out of nowhere and hit the dog. The fuck-head didn’t even stop. She was a golden retriever - there was no way in hell he didn’t know he hit something. The dog died the next day.