I killed someone. Tattoo it on my chest! Great idea!

Short story. Gang member kills a rival at a place called the Rivera. He tattoos the shooting scene on his chest. Gets arrested and the cops notice the tattoo. Gang member is arrested for murder.

The stupidity is astounding.



But that only lowers my estimate of their IQ a few points compared to anyone else that tattoos anything on their chest.

That says more about you than people who get tattoos.

It reminds me of something I read years ago; that one of the common ways male murderers are caught is by admitting it to witnesses who tell the police, because they just can’t seem to stop themselves from boasting to someone about their killing at some point - this just kicks that particular stupidity up a few notches.

I watched a YouTube video on Detroit crime last night. Everybody in the video had been in prison. All has visible tats related to their crimes. One said going to prison was like going home. He knew so many people that it was a reunion of sorts.

Only a matter of time until we see somebody challenge this on Fifth Amendment grounds.

Sort of related: Until recently, I worked at a California prison in records. <yay layoffs!> One of things not allowed while you’re in is tattoos. Of course the prisoners do it all the time anyway, but when they’re caught, more time is added, etc. It’s treated like any other in-jail crime, which means pics get taken of the evidence, ie the tattoo. So…while doing the paperwork, I see a pic of the guy, ALL kinds of happy, big goofy grin on his face as he shows off his tattoo. And the tattoo is of…himself!!
I don’t know why it was so funny, but it was. To me, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. it was a really good likeness, got the goofy grin down pat!

“I want to get a tattoo of myself, but taller.” - Steven Wright.

Especially since the murder victim appears to be Mr. Peanut.*
*Yes, I see that the story says that “peanut” is slang for a rival gang member.

It is a good thing you pointed that out, otherwise my implication that people who put large tattoos on their body are morons might have gone over everybody’s head.

I don’t know about the arrestee, but whoever did that tattoo needs to be jailed or worse.

I hate having to be mr pedantic but…these guys much like those that boast about murder and get tats of a murder they committed are in a subculture where they have reasons for doing all this, I mean in their social circle having been to prison is a given and accepted. Shit a guy that hadn’t been to prison, whats that about? Fucking freak, probably thinks he is better than us.:stuck_out_tongue:

They’re not stupid(well no more than everyone is) just in a odd situation with its own norms and rules.

Sucks to be in that situation, but I’m pretty sure this particular guy is really fucking stupid.

It’s not limited to people who get large tattoos, I see.


Has anyone yet been convicted of a murder they bragged about on Facebook yet?

Not sure, but people have been arrested because they updated their facebook status with their current location.

I don’t think he was posting with the intent of telling other people about your biases.

If y’all want to impugn each other’s intelligence, tolerance, etc., based on conflicting opinions about tattoos, go do so in the Pit.

You may impugn the gentleman in the news clip, of course, just don’t insult other members.


twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Actually I don’t think the the tattoo guy takes the cake. There was a recent case in Florida where a Tattoo shop owner was murdered and the people who committed the crime actually exchanged text messages about it. The police introduced copies of the text messages in court. That is like giving the police a written confession.