I knew they were conservative in Orange County (CA), but this is ridiculous!

I just read an article in the O.C. Register which someone had left in the bathroom at work, and there was an article about someone named Evie Wilson, who is a born-again Christian working to bolster family values and morals.

OK, fine, I say to myself. A lot of families’ values & morals probably could do with a little bolstering. But the kicker was where they quoted Evie Wilson as saying that she lived a life of evil and shame until, at the age of four, she invited Jesus Christ into her life. Huh? Huh!?! HUH??? HUUUHHHHH???

How does a four-year-old live a life of evil and shame? Did she steal cookies? Was she so addicted to Spaghetti-O’s that she neglected all her many life responsibilities in her quest for more of the Day-Glo orange pasta concoction? What harebrained theology is this? How is it possible that this gets published in a regular newspaper–even if a conservative one–and that quote gets included just en passant, as it were, without even a raised eyebrow on the part of the columnist (Carol Humphreys)?

God help the United States!

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Might that have been a typo? Maybe they left off the word “thirty” before the “four”.

How I wish I could say yes, but it isn’t. She said that after she was saved she used to go out and tell grownups at the bus stop that they didn’t want to go to hell, they wanted to go to heaven!

Ahh she must have been a wild child: pulling cats’ tails, spilling heavily colored fruit juice out of her mouth to freak her parents into thinking that she is spitting blood, smearing herself with mommy’s makeup, getting stealing zwiebacks from the grocery store at the age of two. She was out of control, and needed to be born again. Well, at least Hulk Hogan portrayed the concept of being born again correctly in the lastest episode of “Walker, Texas Ranger”.

Perhaps she did not share.

Or maybe she cross-dressed Midge and made her and Barbie a couple. [sub]not that I ever did that…[/sub]

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of Evie Wilson javaman her case is well know out here. When she was three she strangled her 14 year old sister and stabbed her mother to death. She was known as “devil child”. But then, at the age of four she converted to christ. Trully, giving up a life of evil for god.


Try living in Colorado Springs. Mr. James Dobson, of the famed “Focus On the Family” has two morning commentaries every day on the morning news…actually during the breaks The Today Show gives for our local news to talk about news.

An outspoken conservative right-winged ass I believe his name to be Tom Pedigo, has done everything in his power, but mail bomb to shut down our independent newspaper here. (it’s the C Springs equivelant to The Chicago Reader)

Every day on the radio, there is at least three church advertisments on our radio, including our local heavy metal station. I listen to mostly rock and pop stations and I only listen to them in my car…not in my car much but I hear the ads all the time.

Not to mention our major newspaper always seems to have some article pertaining to some right-winged Christian movement, person or whatever. It’s amazing I haven’t been “saved” with how rampant the Christian Right is planted into our city.

Now the article you wrote about is purely drivel…LOL, a four year old barely understands the meaning of God. A four year old hardly understands the meaning of life and death…sounds to my like this woman needs psych counseling! Shit, I don’t know what I was thinking about at four but it sure as hell wasn’t the meaning of sin or the ideas that even teens can barely grasp. :rolleyes:

Have your mayor call my mayor, maybe they can do lunch!

Some religious folks out there are big on tales of how evil they were before they found their faith. It sounds to me like this woman is desperate to have the same stories to tell, despite the fact that she was religious long before she could figure out half of what her preacher was telling her.

Also, if a four year old started spouting scripture at me at a bus stop I would happily inform them that God is no more real than Santa Claus, just to watch Mommy and Daddy squirm.

Ptahlis, I sure hope that’s the reason behind her statements. Another scenario I can think of is that she had key adults in her pre-four year old days telling her how evil she was.

I’m shipping this to the Pit, so that it can get the attention it so richly deserves.

If there were people telling her she was “evil” at age FOUR, that’s fucking sad.

I went to a Lutheran pre-school when I was three and four (even though I’m Catholic), and we were always talking about how Jesus Loves me, and I am so special. That sort of thing. Nice stuff, like God is our father and he loves us and wants us to be happy. We were never told we were evil!

That’s fucked up!

That’s the problem with those California liberals. Letting a child go until age FOUR living those Godless ways. Here in Alabama, we convert our children to Christianity right out of the womb. That’s why we’re so morally superior to everyone else.

Pardon me while I go polish the buckle on my Bible Belt.

to quote Monty Python

“Your a catholic the moment Dad came”.

Well, the bible teaches that mna is inherantly sinful (not woman though…:wink:
I can’t imagine a four year old would do that unless it was taught to her.
My son (almost 8) knows when he does wrong. he also knows God forgives him.
God loves kids, it says so right in the Bible.

What the fuck does this have to do with conservatives?

Because such a thought as an evil four-year-old would never occur to us liberals, while some conservatives would want to try her as an adult.

Ah, I see. Ignorant generalizations. That’s what this is about.

You want intelligent generalizations, then move this thread to Great Debates. You will note that I used the qualifier “some conservatives.”

Jesus H. Christ, I try cutting down on the smilies and all I get is people taking me seriously.

Hell, Unc. We liberals actually welcome the thought of evil four year olds. After all, someone has to take over for us when we’re old and decrepit. 'Samatter of fact, I could use one right now.

And yeah, trying to throw this into the laps of conservatives is very probably taking the wrong tack, but I’ve never heard of this particular woman getting coverage outside of Orange County, a conservative stronghold. So while it most assuredly is a generalization, I’m not sure that it was made entirely out of ignorance.


I don’t actually live in Orange County, but hey maybe our mayors can still do lunch. I’ll give Mr. Riordan a call.