"I know I look scary, but I won't hurt you, just please help me," she pleaded.

It’s times like this I wish I were a Believer, so I could think that there’s a special place in hell for people like Genaro Remigio Garcia. Calling him things like an asswipe dipshit motherfucker is trivializing what he did, so I have no real rant. At least he died too. That’s a small comfort.
“Horrific agony” in Pierce County killings

Wow. Just Wow. Burning to death is right at the top of my list of bad ways to go. That article sends chills down my spine.

They were both on fire and he was shooting at her? Holy shit!

That makes me want to cry.

A friend of mine was in the back of a truck that caught on fire from paint fumes. People stopped to help, and all he (and the other men) wanted was water poured over their hands and faces and legs. What really kills me is that the men were very polite. They stood with their hands out and asked “Please, could I have some water?”

So pitiful. sniff That she should be in so much pain and tell others that she looked “scary” but wouldn’t hurt them.

The atoms are not real, but the moral context most certainly is. This woman deserves our worship.


Wow. I… wow.

Some people are just plain evil. How in the world could a person do this? To his own kids. His woman.

Those poor children, that poor girl. I hope the bastard rots in hell, provided there is one.

What an horrific story. :frowning:

I heard news updates of this story as it was happening. Horrifying stuff.

My God.

I am reminded of a high school classmate of mine who, when she was 21, drove to a county park, doused the inside of her car with gasoline, and lit a match. I can’t imagine how miserable she must have felt her life was, to choose that way of leaving it. I will always remember the date, because it was the day before I started a new job and met my future husband.

Rest in peace, Jodi. You were a part of the clique of girls who loved to pick on me, but you yourself were always nice to me.

Yes, burning deaths are hard to forget. My best friends boydriend was pissed and lighting a smoke on the stove. He caught himself on fire. Wearing jeans and a cotton sweatshirt. Being drunk he wasn’t thinking logicaly.

The neighbours saw him running down the driveway ablaze and went out and put the hose on him. By the time the ambulance arrived every stich of clothing was burned off him.

He died about 2 hours later.

When we went to his flat the next day there were singe marks in the carpet that showed what he did. He even got in the shower and scrabbled at the walls but didn’t manage to turn the water on.

He was a lovely bloke with many faults and I can’t imagine many worse ways to go. It was one of the saddest most horrific things I have ever seen. Footprints burnt in my memory and the carpet.

The man from the OP was soooo far from being himself that no logic could have applied to him. What a truly tragic story.

If the details of this story, either locally or nationally, get even one girl or woman to think about leaving if she’s in an abusive relationship, the children will not have died in vain. This is a textbook example of domestic violence gone to extreme. She left him, she went back, she left him, she went back. Over and over again. She and her children are dead because she thought he’d change. People never change. Rarely, anyway. She’s not to blame for being optimistic and for loving him, but maybe if she’d heard a story like this, she would have thought twice about what she was doing.

Here are some excerpts from other news stories.

This one requires registration, but it’s short so I’m just going to post it. These are the people who are always forgotten.

I didn’t mean to sound heartless in my last post, like I was blaming her. I’m heartbroken for her and for those poor children.

Seems like overkill.

BOO! :mad: :wally

I’m guessing the coke helped him focus on shooting at his beeeyotch while he was on fire. Dick.

From the last article a couple of posts up,

If it makes anyone feel any better, I was also a fairly severe burn victim, and from my experience, I would guess that the children most likely were quickly rendered unconcious. It took me probably 15-20 mins. before I ever felt the pain. It’s just too much too fast and your whole body goes numb.

Goodbye Mona.
Goodbye, Little Ones.
You put up with more shit than anybody should be obliged to. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

OK, that looks mean.

Otto That was a good natured ‘boo.’
I was referring to The Bad Man as the dick, not you.

The mother was only 15 when she had the first child, who was 2 1/2 years old, and also has an 18-month-old and a 6-month-old. So that means the father was 20 and the mother 15 when they first got together. There should have never been any more children. The father should have been put away for statutory rape, right? It’s too bad he didn’t because maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

According to the article linked in the OP, the mother of the victim wanted to press those charges, but her daughter refused to cooperate. Charges were never filed.

Of all the ways to die or be hurt, fire is the one that fills me with the greatest horror and dread. If I was caught in a fire I honestly think I’d jump to my death from a burning building, rather than burn.

That poor mother and kids. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes thinking about what they went through. I keep thinking there has to be a purpose to it. As my mother has said, “When I finally see God face to face I’m going to have some mighty big 'Whys?’ to ask him about.” “Through a mirror, darkly” and all that.

May God grant them rest. May light perpetual shine upon them.

Elysian, Scarlett67, calm kiwi, wow, what terrible stories.

Leonard, what you say is comforting to me. The babies didn’t suffer as much as their mother and I’m sure she was told that and was comforted.

I can guess a tiny amount about how badly you were burned. I read an article about the Rhode Island Great White fire and remember reading a doctor saying that he’d bypass people who were screaming in agony because they at least had nerves. The people who were badly burned but didn’t seem to be in pain were actually in more immediate danger because there was more damage, deeper, through the nerves. I’m so so sorry.

Same here. I remember the day after 9/11, I was reading an article that quoted someone who saw the jumpers. They said “People do stupid things when they’re desperate” and I wanted to strangle him! It wasn’t “stupid” to jump out of the building. It was tragic. People do tragic things when they’re desperate. I wanted to ask him “you think they had a choice? you think they’d calmly think well, here I am burning to death, can’t breathe, help’s not coming and that window with its fresh air and quick death looks mighty nice, but it’d be really stupid of me to jump, so I won’t”? Argh.

There used to be a man who was terribly burned, horrifyingly disfigured, who would walk through the trains in Chicago, asking for money for an operation. I’d heard he was in a car crash. I felt so sorry for him. I haven’t seen him for years and don’t know what happened to him. I know I would rather be dead, but he carried on. I don’t know how.