I know it's a deeply important, well-argued thread, but from 3,500 to 11,000 views overnight?

Wow. A single allusion in Hello Muddah Hello Faddah. Either something’s screwy on my end, your end, or my understanding of Western culture must be radically changed.

The thread may have gone viral enough to show up on every search for the song, Allan Sherman, Ulysses, James Joyce, the Oddysey, and Leo Bloom.

Or it’s part of what ever is wrong with the board that made this my second attempt to post this.

Maybe that explains why the board is running unbelievably slow lately.

Each of those views have 2 eyeballs, right?

<skin crawl>

Now it’s clawed its way to 12,176 views. So that enormous spurt has now leveled off because all those interested in all the googleable topics became interested all at the same time? And over the last few days not?

/nitpick: I would reserve the word “viral” for views resulting from a direct reference from someone/some published source, volitionally.

On average, yes.

Nitpick, that’s not the definition of “viral” in this case.

vi·ral (noun)

  1. an image, video, advertisement, etc., that is circulated rapidly on the Internet.

It was on" Thread Spotting" for a while. :eek:

I’d expect the average to be slightly slower, unless there are a lot people out there with more than two eyes to balance it out.

I agree. Most people have more eyes than average.

The median number of eyes is two, but the mean is certainly slightly lower than two.

Did you mean the mode, or are there people with three eyes?

Supernumerary eyes.:wink:

Median and mode both.

Mode = most common #

Median = # in the middle when you line them all up in order (emphasis on all: if you have 7 billion people with 2 eyes each you have to include the number 2 seven billion times)

Each would be 2 in this case.

OP of referenced thread and here has only one eye. Just sayin’.

Cite? er…sight?

SFW. trigger warning for sensitive souls. Cite.