i know it's early yet, but....

… those of you who celebrate Halloween, do you have any ideas what you will be?

I’m trying to decide, myself.

  1. The Cheap, Easy, STUPID Idea – put a sheet over my head. People ask if I’m a ghost. No, I’m a mattress. Or the ghost of a mattress.

  2. The Slightly More Complicated Idea – Dead Rodeo Cowboy (girl). I was a rodeo cowboy last year, but ended up not going to the party because just as I was walking out the door I got a phone call that somebody was dead, and I didn’t have any party spirit left. So, nobody saw my costume, and I’ll recycle it. But I’m gonna put bull hoofprints on my face and back and a bull horn to look like it’s through my stomach and out my back. Whaddaya think?

Cowgirl idea sounds fine. Remember to use makeup and pale your face. Darken the area around the eyes to make them look sunken. Bruises on the arm are a nice touch. It’s all about how much effort you intend to put into this.

I’ll be too busy sewing costumes for everyone else to be thinking of my own costume. One of these years, I will be smart and sew my own costume ahead of time – in July!

Suggestion for your costume - leather strap (reins) tangled around the wrist. Gives it an air of credibility.

My family has a weird/morbid sense of humor. One of my all time favorite movies is Mommie Dearest. I was thinking of dressing up as Joan Crawford as she is seen in the infamous “wire hanger” scene. Just to add to it my 10 year old daughter may dress up with me as Christina, the daughter. I can’t decide if I should do it or not though, but it would be fun to see the expressions on peoples faces. If you have a male you are going with a good couple outfit would be to go as Bonnie and Clyde, the notorious bank robbing couple. We (bf and myself) were thinking of that also.

Clydesdale and dalmatian, with a little wagon full of beer.

Husband went as the Clydesdale - brown pants & shirt, white sneakers & gloves, white fake fur trim gaiters up to knees and elbows (velcroed for easy removal), black straps around shoulders and chest for ‘harness’, bonus points for studded leather (not attached to wagon, unless you are into that), horse tail or fake fur (brown) attached to pants above the butt (I let it hang free, the twisted bun looked too weird. Bonus points if you can convince him to braid long hair and stick little fake roses in it (better yet, get a wig). Add a white blaze from forehead to nose. Delete the binders (pain in the neck).

Wife went as dalmation - white sneakers, white leotard (or pants and shirt) with dalmatian spots, small tail attached in back, dalmatian spots on the face. Can also make removable hood (spotted of course) with little dog ears. (collar optional)

Added beer to wagon (red, of course). Wife sat on in wagon (do not sit on the cases - danger of falling off and/or breaking bottles). Husband pulled wagon. Hit of the party. Beer was pretty good too.

Mrs. Rastahomie and I are going as Drew Carey and Mimi Bobeck (sp?). We hope to grab at least a silver med- er, second place at Mowie’s Cue (our version of The Warsaw).

A Lady friend of mine who is tall, slender, and missing any curves, dressed in white top and tights with furry boots and hat. When asked she said she was a Q-tip™!!! First place!!!

Yesterday, a grad student told me that when she was in school in California, she and two of her friends (all psych majors) went to a Halloween party dressed as a hooker, a referee, and a nun. They were supposed to be the id, the ego, and the superego. :rolleyes: Psych humor. I hope it’s not contagious.

Oh, the horn of a bull!!! I was picturing a loud-hailer stuck through your abdomen! :smiley:

A few years ago someone at work dressed as a dead skateboarder. She had a skateboard protruding from her stomach and back.

Some personal favorites:
(gave this one to my brother and his wife, they won 2nd place)
He dressed up as Ben Franklin (little glasses, grey hair, vest), she was a Christmas wreath (green shirt/pants, little holly leaves and berries pinned around) and together they were…
drum roll…

Aretha Franklin.

Others included (this is dated, but what the hell) one dresses as a doctor, the other wears a suit, carries a briefcase, you’re Kevorkian and his lawyer Fieger.

Shortly after Princess Di and Charles divorced, I did one where I wore a tiara and carried a crown (Di, no chuck)

I wanted to do a party with a “Come as your favorite dead celebrity” theme. Some ideas from that - carry a chicken leg and a single drumstick (and you’re Karen Carpenter), wrap a piece of astroturff around you and mark off lines like a football field, and you’re Jimmy Hoffa.

I was thinking about going as a burnt chef. I have some old chef jackets, that I can mess up. I know a little about F/X makeup (took some stage makeup classes) so, I know how to do some injuries–burns, bruises. Thought of having a pie tin sticking out of my head or something along those lines.