I know that actor(actress), if I could just remember their name!

I’ve been watching Lost on the Sci-fi channel, having never watched it before. Last night we saw the mysterious Frenchwoman for what I think is the first time.

I kept thinking, “okay, I know this woman, her voice and her eyes are so familiar!” But I had to look her up on IMDB and then I had a :smack: moment. It was Mira Furlan, aka Ambassador Delenn, from Babylon 5.

This got me to thinking, how many times have you seen a character and wracked yourbrain trying to remember when you’ve seen them before? Sometimes makeup or age changes an actor, or the way they dress. And then later, after you’ve given up, all of a sudden you think “Oh, THAT’S who it was!”

Mark Margolis.

Over 100 items on his IMDb page, I’ve seen tons of them, every time he shows up, I find myself saying, “Oh hey! That guy! What was he in again… ?”

Crazy French Lady from Lost stumped me for a while too, and I’d seen every ep of B5.

I once spent an excruciating car ride (with no remote 'net access) completely blanking on Gene Hackman’s name. I knew exactly who he was, could name a couple dozen films, quote lines… couldn’t remember his name.


Gary Oldman is the chameleon king of Hollywood. I’ve seen at least a half-dozen movies that I knew he was in, saw his character and thought, “wow, this guy’s great… he should get more work… I wonder who he is?”

Specifically, Fifth Element, Batman Begins, Harry Potter and the Something of Something, Hannibal, and Leon.

I’ve been seeing the coma boyfriend from Everwood a lot this week!

James Hampton.

(Not an answer to any of the above- just an actor who was the epitome of the OP.)

Usually when an actor from Deadwood appears in something else, I’ll spend ages trying to remember who he was, and then a day later will say “Oh! It’s that guy from Deadwood!”

Specifically: Jim Beaver; Robin Weigert; Garret Dillahunt; William Sanderson; John Hawkes.

Though, kind of ironically, when I first started watching Deadwood, I was listing all the other actors from where I’d seen them before that.

I passed the newer “Miracle on 34th Street” the other day and got stuck watching it for about five minutes, wondering who the woman was. Just as I was about to grab the computer and check IMDB, I realized it was Elizabeth Perkins; Celia from Weeds.

What made that especially sad is that I just got finished watching the first three seasons of Weeds at the beginning of the week. :smack:

Hayden Christensen, though it’s probably more a form of semi-wilful repression… I recently saw Jumper (bad idea), and couldn’t for the life of me figure out who the lead actor was.

Oh! and now Dr Horrible’s love interest was on House and some appliance commercials!