Which charcter will always come to mind when you see an actor/actress? *spoilers?*

Not necessarily a typecasting scenario here, but what character comes to mind whenever you see a particular actor or actress?

For example: Whenever Mrs. Bernse sees Sam Neil, she automatically thinks of “the guy with no eyes” from Event Horizon. Whether we are watching a video of him with the dinosaurs in *Jurasic Park[i/], or EO in Hunt for Red October.

Whenever I see Patrick Stewart, I can’t help but think of him as Captain Picard at first, no matter what. I don’t believe he is typecast either as he has quite a sucessful carrer with other projects and I really think he is a talented actor.

Hearing James Earl Jones speak makes me think Darth Vader is around the corner in every movie he is in.

Danny Glover will always be Sgt. Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon.

Unless the actor has been dead a long time, or unless I’ve only seen one performance of theirs, I can’t think of a one that has locked me to a particular role. Maybe some other replies will trigger something, but I just can’t seem to get anything to click at this point.

If you mean something like whenever I see a photo of an actor does that bring a particular role to mind, or hear that actor’s name out loud, then I guess I still have a fairly open mind.

The only one that even approaches what you’re asking is Michael Pare in some dreadful piece of schlock called “Instant Justice.” To the point of not being curious if he ever did anything good afterwards (or before). Once was plenty.

I cannot hear Kelsey Grammar without thinking “Sideshow Bob”’ nor Jon Lovitt without thinking “Jay Sherman.”

Anytime I see Matthew Perry in any movie, I think “Hey, it’s Chandler!”

Cameron Diaz is just “Cameron Diaz, Celeb” to me, though I still enjoy her. I would think tv actors have the hardest time with this.

Audrey Tautou is Amélie.

I agree with the Chandler thing. David Schwimmer is always Ross.

Owen Wilson will forever be the asshole date in Cable Guy for me. It’s a shame, because I hate that character, thus I hate Wilson. And I’d really like to like him, since he’s well regarded, but…

I know there are a few others, but I’m unable to place them right now. Seems like I said that about a movie I saw just the other day…

Micheal Madsen is always Mr. Blonde to me.

Alan Ruck will forever be Cameron Frye, Ferris’s buddy in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Although not typecast into the role, Marissa Tomei will always be (to me) Miss Mona Lisa Vito from “My Cousin Vinny”.

Heh. True enough. When I saw Star Trek: Generations had a hard time believing Cameron could be Captain of the Enterprise.

When I see Rowan Atkinson I always see him as Blackadder. A close second would be Mr. Bean.

Anybody in a long-running TV series trying to make the transition to the big screen. For instance, any of the Friends. Anyone on Star Trek.

For straight movie actors, Alan Rickman will always be a bad guy.

Lara Flynn Boyle will always be Wayne’s psycho-hose beast ex, Stacy–as Rob Lowe will always be the asshole Benjamin. Too bad, too, because they’re in a bunch of stuff nowadays, but I just can’t take them seriously.

Patrick Macnee will always be John Steed to me.

And Diana Rigg will always be Emma Peel to me. (“Mrs. Peel, you’re needed.”

Patrick McGoohan will always be The Prisoner to me.

Claire Danes is always Angela from My So Called Life. Especially in Princess Mononoke’s English dub, unfortunately.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is Buffy Summers and that’s all there is to it.

Whenever I see Ron Livingston I always refer to him as * Office Space *

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch a movie with Paul McCrane in it without thinking ‘that asshole Robert Romano’ in ER.

Red from Shawshank Redemtpion will always come to mind when I see Morgan Freeman, and Lester from American Beauty whenever I see Kevin Spacey.

And pretty much all the Friends characters.

Have you seen him on Spin City? A complete 180 from Cameron, and totally hysterical in the role.

For me, Gary Cole will always be Bill Lumbergh and any time I see Stephen Root I start screaming, “Milton!” And Shatner? Kirk, always Kirk.