I know you're bored.... might as well look at some stupid pics of me!!!!


Here it is folks!!! The Official Random Bear Pics Page!!
I was over at my mother’s house the other day and she had boxes of pictures out on the table. I started going through them and found a bunch of me. Most of these are from high school, some earlier. I don’t take pictures often so I don’t have recent ones. (I will get some though)

Anyway, I dont think I changed too much in the last 4 years anyway.

So if you’re bored enough, why not check them out.

[sub]I am not liable for any damage caused to your monitor, any burning of your eyes, or any other destruction or harm that may come to your or your equipment from viewing my pictures. [/sub]

30 views, no replies??? Screw you guys, I’m going home!!

Well, I tried looking, but all I saw was a blank white frame with a little red “x” in it, (because my computer is possessed by demons & protective.)

But, Bear, it was a VERY cute red x.

Those are very nice pictures, Bear… I’m sure that the other 30 people who looked at them are just still mesmerized and have not yet made it back to the OP to tell you how great they are. :smiley:

I’m bored, I’m awake. I looked. Nice.Just to make you happy I replied to your thread. :slight_smile:

You remind me of my favourite cousin, Mike. :slight_smile:

Worked for me.

All I can say is that I wish I had a hockey team in High School. I would’ve had some decent pix. I just now have to settle for college stuff and current AF pics. I now have a dream . . .

But life goes on . . .

Hey - Hell cool pic!!

you look like a bouncer

sorry - the one above was from me - dammit - shared computers!!!

If you were lurking in a dark alley some night and I saw you there, I would run like fuck.


That’s a compliment, by the way.

I just checked out your picture page, and I’m sorry to say that you looked just like one of those Mormon kids who get shipped out to Australia when they become Elders.

I feel sorry for them, because I am quite sure that they have about the same enthusiasm towards knocking on my door, as I have in being subjected to unwanted preaching or sales canvassing.

Very good, seeing as that’s what he is (or was at one point, anyway).

Bear, saw your prom pic. You’re a lucky guy. I feel sorry for her, though! :smiley:

:ducking and running like hell:

You are a handsome guy, Bear_Nenno, but I want to see one of you smiling.


PIC??? Ummmm, you guys do know you are supposed to click on the first pic to get to the menu page, right?? Right?? Geeez. . .
There are several more pics there than just that one.

Bear, you are such a hottie! :slight_smile:

Wow, Bear, you were a remarkably old-looking eighth grader, but I suppose I’m not the first to mention that.

Nice striped couch, too :slight_smile:

I can see why they call you Bear. Must be a tackle.

That is the funniest football picture I’ve ever seen. Just thought I’d tell you that. :smiley:

Bear doesn’t smile…ever. When people look at my photo album, and they come across his pics, they always ask me, “who’s THIS?!?” I guess cause he is a little scary looking…and yes, Bear is the perfect name. :slight_smile:


And Bear, I take it that wasn’t the pity date prom pic?