What? Yet another Doper picture thread? (Then & Now)

Sure! Only, in this one, post a then and now: A picture from your younger days, and one of you currently.

How far back? As young as you like. How current? Within the last year or two.


Here I am in my 30s, during a visit to a friend living in Paris, in a photo taken for a carte d’orange – a public transportation pass.

Taken last summer, with my Thoroughbred Ben, before our first class at a dressage show.

Great, permissions needed to see either. Thanks for not sharing.

Shit, really? Lemme get some usable links up.

Here’s then.

And here’s now.

Do these work?

Then - High School
A couple of weeks ago.

Freshman in High School

Freshman in College

1963 Korea

The real me

Getting ready for 8th grade graduation with my Scooby

Freshmen year of high school

Me the other day with my, like, super punk rock purple bit of hair *

*Ok, it isn’t punk rock at all, but that is as punk rock as my lame ass gets.

I should note that the first picture was June of 2000, the next was June of 2001, and the last was, oh, a month ago?

Baby me

“Nice clothes” grad picture

The now-ubiquitous recent picture

Hey, this is fascinating to see how much people change and how much they stay the same over time.

OK. here we go:

me, at 7 or there abouts ( i’m on the right )

my favorite photo taken, erm, 15 years ago !? nah, couldn’t be …

most recently, in Germany

About 13 years ago
About 2 years ago

This is me at 17. It’s not very old, but it’s the oldest picture I had online. I had to link to the whole page, because Tripod hates when I don’t.

And me earlier today. I’m 25.

Trivia: I’m wearing the same sparkly dress in both photos. :slight_smile: I love that dress.

I just need to add that I haven’t given up on dyeing my hair - it’s actually streaked blue in that pic, but it’s faded so much. You can still see hints of it, though!

I do believe I may have the “What? That’s YOU?” award in the bag.

Here’s me yesterday…

…and here’s me in 2nd grade.

That was 1992. That picture alone tells you everything you need to know about how popular I was in elementary school and, indeed, beyond.

About 10 years old. I’m the short one.

Now, about 20 years crankier and more surly.

Ellen at 13 c. 1976

With my little sweetie and a friend last May

This is me during Christmas freshman year of high school

Colorado, high temps were in the teens, and I was used to lows of the 40’s… I was rocking four layers, nice and cozy infront of the fire!

This is me as of a week ago, after my hair cut

Imagine me with a little more messed up hair, and thats how i normally look.

Here is a before and after that is much more recent, and one that I’m rather proud of.

The first pic of me was taken May 10th of this year, following my graduation from Purdue’s branch campus in Indianapolis. It is also a month before I had my gastric bypass. Before

The second is me about 3 weeks ago, screwing around with my USB webcam. It’s about 14 weeks after my bypass, and it’s quite evident that I’ve lost 60+ lbs. After

Today, I had an official weigh-in at the surgeon’s office, and I’m -70 lbs. :cool:

Houston is a lucky city.