Yet Another Photo Thread?

You guys, is it too soon for another Doper Photo Thread?

I love photo threads. It’s so much fun to put names and faces together.

(Yes, this is some of my only entertainment. Can you tell I don’t have much of a life? :D)

Here’s me after a day of moving heavy objects.


Yay! I love photo threads too!

Here’s my latest weekly self-portrait. I think I’m improving, bit by bit… but then again, I’m slightly biased about the subject matter. :slight_smile:

(and just for the heck of it, here’s a bonus: my absolute favouritest self-portrait so far in the series is this one… I was trying to pose all pretty-like with one of the cats, but she had a slightly different idea)

Oh, that’s really nice! Nicely lit and pretty. You look all thoughtful yet funny. Lilies are awesome.

Yay! Someone (other than me) likes it. Validation at last! :slight_smile:

Lilies are indeed awesome. My Valentine’s flowers this year were a mix of pink lilies, pink gerberas, and peach hypericum berries. Sadly, they’ve pretty much done for at this point.

Dudette, you so did better than me for the Valentine’s flowers.

So the day after Valentine’s Day there’s a knock at my door. It’s my friend. He has in his hand a small bouquet of slightly wilted roses and lilies.

I’m like, what is this for?

He’s like, “Well, nobody’s going to give you flowers so I got these for you. Discounted 75% after Valentine’s Day! At Seven-Eleven!”

See, he is the total goddamn cheap Yankee but you gotta love him!

That made my day.
But fresh flowers the day OF Valentine’s Day are the best!! :cool:

DEA?!? Gee willikers, who knew the narcs were cute? Me out catching snowflakes one day in January.

One of my babies left home today. The new owner, pleased with his acquisition. She rolls out of the barn. Up the hill, onto the trailer. I drove that car for eleven years; I’ll miss it, but the new owner is going to restore it and take it to the local car shows. It’s in great shape already, just needs a new exhaust system, tires, shocks, struts, water pump, maybe brakes…

I just have the same ones from last time (which I guess are new if you haven’t seen them). I really need to put some new ones up.

Me working out
Me in a bar
Me listening attentively

It’s been a while since I participated.
This is me after I got my hair cut:

Yeah, that’s how we getcha! We play the cute card! (Thanks for that though, I feel all nasty and gross right now!)

So dude, do you restore cars as a hobby? I always thought that would be cool.

I’m actually trying to get my friend into that. He has a 1992 Celica convertible that he is currently restoring. I am trying to get him to buy a 1963 Porsche like he had in college to restore but he is resistant so far. He’s all like, I have enough with my job and the Celica. But I bet if I annoy him enough he’ll cave.

I love gearheads! :smiley:

See, you look very cute with your hair like that. I totally wish I could wear my hair that short as it would save me tons of trouble in the morning. I also wish I had natural curl like that!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The trick to scoring nice flowers for V-Day is to buy your own. :slight_smile: The Boy was stuck working the whole weekend, so I decided that we’d celebrate anyways, even if it meant that I cooked dinner and tidied up and bought my own flowers thankyouverymuch.

Which makes your friend super-awesome for getting you flowers, even if they were on sale.

Cute haircut, WomanofScorn. I love your curls.

Well. I never thought about that. That’s a very nice thought! :slight_smile:

I would so not mess with you. :smiley:

A pic from last weekend. I was wandering the back streets of Escondido, waiting for the bike riders to finish the Tour of California.

Just posted a review of iPhoto '09’s “Faces” feature on my blog.

Not only am I on the sidebar, but I’m the dude on the right in the first photo in the review.

I used what is now my profile photo in the last one so here’s me riding.

Yeah, I’ve loved cars since I was a kid, but I’m not the best mechanic around. I don’t restore them; I prefer to hot rod 'em. But if it’s a fairly unique car, I’ll limit myself to bolt-ons (such changes are easily reversed by a restorer) and keep the original parts. I did that with the LTD, because they only made about 3000 of the LX model. The guy that bought it was surprised with the parts that came with it; stuff like the original rims in addition to the 10-slots that were on it, a dash cluster, bumper rubbers, two spare complete taillight assemblies, original spark plug wires and looms…there’s even a spare computer for it. My buddy and his brother are into older cars like a '38 Plymouth and a '36 Buick, and I’ve helped with those. Those cars are rodded; both of them have modern front suspensions welded in along with disc brakes and late-model V8s and stuff. I have the old Buick straight-8 and Plymouth flathead from those cars, just because they’re neat to have laying around. I’ve decided to go with my cousin’s old Malibu and a couple 50’s cars (my newest toy), so I’m giving my '91 Spirit R/T to my nephew and sold the LTD to a friend of my nephew’s mechanic friend. You have to find the right person to sell your car to, you know?

Me with wife and kids

Big smile. Just tilt your head to the left a little.

Here’s another good one.

That is very cool. The hot rod thing is great! I bet the Buicks kick real good. Did you ever get into racing? I could see you racing totally.

My friend has a house in Sebring, Florida. I keep bugging him to go down there for the 12 hours of Sebring race which he has yet to do. He only goes down there off-season to do maintenance on the place.

Man, it would be so boss to go down there for the race!