Yet Another Photo Thread?

minor7flat5; So how tall are you? Like over 6 feet?

Stauderhorse, you are very pretty.

And Diogenes the Cynic, you are nothing like I thought you’d look! That pic of you with your family is very sweet. That’s why l love these threads. It’s just so cool to see who I am actually talking to. :cool:

Okay, I’ll play.
The SO and me at a DopeFest last summer.

Here are me and my mom at dinner on Saturday.

Here is my current Facebook picture, though my kitty has been gone for some time now.

Here is my previous Facebook picture and it’s a lot newer than my current Facebook picture.

Okay, I’ll join in on this one (I don’t think I ever have before)

Me and the wife

Me on Christmas morning with my new Arrested Development shirt.

Me and the daughter

It would be funny if your face was half covered in every photo, as in the second photo, like Wilson on Home Improvement :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have any photos that I haven’t posted here before. I’ll go with this one: me and the wife.

6’3" :cool:

Hey 3acresandatruck, in that last photo of your “my newest toy” series you look like you don’t have a care in the world and you’re just about to spend a pleasant afternoon tinkering. Hope to be there some day. Very cool!

Here’s a shot of me with some cow-orkers. I’m in the middle.

My lazy assistants

Here’s an older one. I’m holding the coffee cup.

What’s with you and curved mirrors? :slight_smile:

Here’s a recent one of me with my nephew.

Last year in action. I’m the one standing in the dumpster.

Me at the NFC Championship game.

Me holding the tickets for the NFC Championship game.

Very pretty , does’nt photobucket have a rotating tool ?


With a cephalopod companion.

I love these threads, and figured that it’s about time I participate for once.

I don’t really post much, but what the heck.

Field camp photos from last Summer:
Me in front of a spectacular view.
Sneaky candid shot I wasn’t quick enough to avoid. (Actually, turned out to be one of the very few pics of me I don’t actively hate)

Self portrait with some more information.

You look like we’d get along. I mean I already thought that but this supports it. You also look a lot younger than I thought.

Since a lot of guys are posting pictures with their wives, here’s one of me and mine.

I’m the girl.

Whoa, right back atcha! You look about 50 years younger than I expected you to. :eek:

ETA: and you’re cute. :smiley:

Anyone ever tell you you look kind of like Mr. Rogers?

Hah! You thought I was an old man? And thanks :).

Bah. I don’t dress like that. It was a company christmas party and I didn’t feel like wearing a suit like every other stuffed-shirt there.