Yet Another Photo Thread?

Well… yes, basically. No way I can really backpedal on that is there? :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome.

I’ve posted some and I have a webcam, so what the hell.

Me and my husband


What I wouldn’t give to be back in Thailand!

I’m pretty shy about this stuff, but what the heck. I took this just last weekend with my new camera.

Me getting married. I’m the chick.

Jeez… been years since I’ve participated in a photo thread…

Here’s me.

Cute picture!!

Here’s The Superhero and meon our latest Colorado adventure (snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park)

Even all grubby your are still attractive! :slight_smile:

Thank you. It’s still trouble actually, because my curls are normally a frizzy mess. Product baby, product!

Thank you, thank you :smiley: Hated them when I was young, learned to embrace them as an adult.

It’s a couple of months old, but here’s a photo of me and my son. By the time of that photo he wasn’t the happiest, but a few minutes before he was smiling.

Okay - I GOTTA have one of those. How much do they cost? I’ll pay anything, ANYTHING damn you!

These threads are fun.

My wife and me.

According to auntie em, they cost about nine months. (Initially. I hear costs increase exponentially for the next eighteen years or so.)

Kids that age aren’t really able to handle a cross draw holster. Hip carry on the strong side is much better. :smiley:

Agreed. Great pictures!

What camera are you using? We got a 20D recently and I’m still trying to develop my motor-memory with it and kinda suck!

This one’s a year ago but it’s the only one I’ve got.

The princess and I.

Doug chillin’ in the yard (literally - it was January), study breaking at the college cafe, and sporting my current fave haircut (unusually short for me).

Yeah, I’m sorta known for flight jackets and hats.

Hey Creaky, I like your kitteh. Here’s my kitteh.

Here’s one I took a few weeks ago outside my apartment, and here I am in one of my favorite places in the world for hiking, the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico (about a 45 minute drive from home).

Cutest. Photo. EVOR.

I love small children wearing grown-up accessories like newsboy caps. Too cute.

SharkB8, I’m using a Canon Rebel XTi with a Canon 50mm/2.5 for most of my portraits. I’m still learning to work with the whole remote-and-tripod setup, though… most of the time, I misjudge the framing and end up with just half my head, or the camera doesn’t focus on the right thing. Practice makes perfect, though. :slight_smile: