Yet Another Photo Thread?

He’s adorable, smiling or not.

Here’s a fairly recent one of me, with my user namesake: Monstera deliciosa times 2. (The photo enlarges a bit if you click on it.)

I never get new pictures of myself, but here’s one from last year after a day of golf, beer and sun.

Boy, howdy!

I get home, and look at the outstanding responses!

These threads really are fun and what a nice bunch of people you guys are!

I almost want to post another pic of myself today all cleaned up. Maybe I will later.

Oh, and lobotomyboy, I got to say that your pic was really something.

Totally Murnau-Nosferatu, baby! :cool:

Ah, you’re very right! I never knew about it before.

Also, molto grazie to Declan and Creaky.

Okay, I threatened a pic of me all cleaned up.

Here’s one of me from earlier this evening, still dressed in actual real grown-up work clothes. Most of the time these days I go to work in a polo shirt and jeans but this was a good day!

Yes, I have an annoyed fake smile on my face. Had a rough day, what can I tell you.


Well, you are very cute.

See, even when I have a good day for clothes, the bad part of the day still comes out on my face. Not so cute!! :o

You’re pretty damn cute in those pics where you’re speaking. Oh, and the water piston one. :wink:

Yeah, well, thank you! :slight_smile:

I do get all fired up when I’m speaking. :smiley:

The water pistol was actually a Nerf Dart Gun thingie. We had some very fun times with that this past summer. But I got to tell you, it’s serious playing Nerf Darts with people who are excellent shots. My friend Paula got me really good in the gut. Good thing she’s on my side!

Thanks. I shoulda known that was a Nerf gun.

But then, I shoulda known it wasn’t a piston either. :smiley:

No worries!

Nerf firearms training is esoteric to say the least! :smiley:


Wow, your wife looks like ex-Saturday Night Live actress Sherry Oteri
Anyway, guess I’ll post my pic (it’s a MySpace pic). And yes, I am getting a haircut soon. Me

I actually had a semi-professional photographer shoot me and the wife and kids over the weekend. It was part of an internet-barter thing - I translated his wife’s CV to English, and he gave us a half-hour photography session.

Anyway, here’s me and Number One Son. Another one.

I’m the one with the Pearl Jam T-shirt. Note that neither of the pictures show my midsection, which I’m not particularly proud of.

Very cold and wet during a December bike race.

Me (with the Terrible Twins.)

Still cute, even with the fake smile. :slight_smile:

Never done this before, but here we go…a fairly recent pic of me at work.

Ah, I’m a big ol’ pussycat, really. :slight_smile:

Why would you actively hate pictures? You’re a good lookin’ fella!

Here’s my artsy hungover rock star picture.

And here’s me with a chicken!

And here’s normal me.

Sweater look nice.