I laughed at a State Trooper yesterday

Normally I’m very polite and respectful of people in law enforcement. They have very dangerous jobs and I respect the job that they do.

However yesterday I saw something that made me laugh and I would have laughed because I know his coworkers will be laughing.

I was on a road waiting for the traffic light to turn.Here is a diagram
I am facing the divided road and the officer is driving from the left side of view to the right. At my corner he turns right. This put him on my road heading towards me. He turns across the lane I’m in onto grass in front of a gas/food store (WAWA). He There is a little hill on the grass and ad he goes down it. I think he was trying to turn around because I saw the backup lights go on. I noticed he wasn’t moving but the tires were spinning. The more he tried to back out the more the tires spun. He then tried to pull forward but the car didn’t move. Instead the tires spun more and shot out mud. This is when I and my friends started laughing. Our light turned green and we head to the intersection and turned left. Just before we turned onto 195 East there was another state trooper who pulled someone over.

My guess is the trooper we saw was coming around to assist in the stop. I lowered my window and let the trooper who was waking back to his car know that the other trooper was stuck in the mud by WAWA and he started laughing.

Ah, witnessing that is one of life’s simple pleasures! Thanks for sharing.