I like bananas a bunch

Ugh, my autocorrect just died, rest in piece.

I guess that means you’ll be coffin up some misspellings.

You’ll have to urn a bit of money to get another one.

Especially if you’re making an ash of yourself.

It will forever be history, but it’s possible to put your past away.

Are you eating pasta again?

We made my dad promise to quit smoking but he’d always sneak off for smokes now and again. Eventually he totally bucked the kick it.

I wonder if he looked a little pail at the end.

I tried to buy a bucket for my metamorphic rocks. But it wasn’t for shale.

Sounds like you took something for granite.

I was going to be a geologist, but I heard it was a pretty rocky career.

Geology is the OG of hard science.

C’mon, it’s easy, it’s not rock-head science.

I assume geologists have a gneiss career.

There was a big pot of coffee in the geology lab’s break room. There must have been quartz of the stuff.

He was a brilliant geophysicist, but in the end he fell for a silly con game.

He was played for an igneousramus

He was going on a sedimentary journey.

Did you hear about the old musical written about a vulcanologist – Pumices, Pumices?

My wife, a geologist, broke one of her rocks, exposing her cleavage.