I like bananas a bunch

Not all babies are sweet. Some require a lot of sauce just to be edible.

I have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk.

Chitlins are delicious. Sometimes I eat several bowels for breakfast.

Friend of Oly’s got arrested for kidnapping a street entertainer. Oly told the guy he likes ground chitlins, so his friend went out and got an organ grinder.

That’s an offal thing to say!

Yeah, it took guts to say that.

I can’t stomach that shit.

My cousin took going to jail really badly. He refused all offers of food and drink, spat and swore at anyone who came near him and smeared the walls with his own shit. After that, we never played Monopoly again.

I got my wife the U2 version of Monopoly for Christmas but it’s terrible. The streets have no name.

The same thing happened to me! U2?

I’ve given up my U2 obsession. Was getting too close to the Edge.

I think they’re OK but my wife is a Bonofied fan.

U2’s lawyer is always broke. All his cases are pro-Bono.

I hear some chimpanzees are into U2. Must be the Bonobos.

Fifty years ago, they would have been into the Monkees.

Yeah, back in the Stones Age.

I heard that the Rolling Stones were sad. They can’t get no satisfaction.

Well, the Beatles feel fine.

I’m addicted to collecting vintage Beatles albums. I need Help.

Addicted? Just say no. In other words, let it be.