I like instant gratification

If everything worked like this, I’d be more successful in a lot of my endeavors.
I have bad knees. I had bad knees even when I wasn’t 80 pounds overweight. My right knee is particularly bad. Lately, my right knee has been so bad that if I squat for more than 5 or so seconds, the stabbing pain and weakness is so bad that I can barely stand back up.

The other day, as I was trying to find Dragonball Season 2 (still haven’t succeeded) in the store, I randomly came across a DVD with knee health exercises. I figured, what the hell? It certainly can’t hurt. And, since I didn’t find Dragonball, I had the money to spend on it.

I just finished the video. It didn’t take long.

As I was finishing up, I thought to myself that I’d have to do this every day to feel some improvement. Just then, the woman on the DVD said that some people will feel immediate results and others wont.

I decided to give it a try.

I squatted down and held it for a minute (only stopped because it was boring).

I was even able to unsquat without putting my hands on the floor and raising my butt before unbending my knees.

I can’t remember the last time I was able to kneel or squat without first having to put my hands on the floor.
I will definitely do these exercises every day. With results like that after the first day, it can only get better from here on out.

If dieting and exercise worked this quickly, I wouldn’t be overweight.

If physical therapy worked this well, my sister wouldn’t have stopped going after 2 weeks.

I have to go to my own PT in 5 hours. I have been doing this twice a week since the beginning of July. At no point in my PT have I felt relief in my elbow like I’m currently feeling in my knee.

That was $30 well spent.

The OP was too long.


Was it on the bottom shelf? That would have been too appropriate.

I’m glad you got some relief, and chose to share your experience with us. My husband has knee problems and he’d appreciate something new to try.

Could you pm me the name of the DVD, please?

Yay for your knees! Now get to work on that 80 pounds and we’ll have you in good shape! :wink:

Inigo, you always make me laugh, which is why you’re not getting a virtual slap right now.

Rigamarole, yes. It was. I actually found it as I was attempting to get off my knees (Dragonball Season 1 was also on the bottom shelf).

If I hadn’t already been down there, I wouldn’t have seen it. If I hadn’t already been down there, my knees wouldn’t have been hurting so I wouldn’t have thought of getting it.

It was fate.

MoodIndigo1, absolutely.

Too bad you didn’t reach all the way in the back; you might have found the one that instantly takes away your elbow pain.


That would have been so nice. Sadly, after 4 cortisone shots, surgery, 6 months of PT, and losing my job - I doubt a yoga DVD is going to solve my problem.

Got it, thanks, congodwarf.

I’d love to have the name of that DVD as well–I could definitely use some help with my knees!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Could you please let us know the names of your knees. I too am having trouble with my DVD.

I’m sure I’ll be dinged as being curmudgeonly and too literal, but it’s very unrealistic to expect PT to work after 2 weeks. I had a back problem 18 months ago that was so severe I had to sleep sitting up in a chair and I was sent to PT (after multiple injections, medication, stretches, etc, all of which did not help). I was referred for 12 sessions and even at the point where I had done 10, I was doubtful that what they were doing to me was helpful. 11 sessions in, something changed. By the time I finished the 12th, I was pain-free. Not, it doesn’t always work like that, but 2 weeks isn’t enough of a try.

I completely agree with you, which is why I’ve been going twice a week since July. My sister has slightly unrealistic expectations for instant gratification.