I like the concept of the concept car for women

A car made for women, by women. Pin up women? Did I catch that right?

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/3528757.stm. Pretty neato.

Now, I don’t consider myself mechanically inclined. At all. But I can do more than add washer fluid, and I find it pretty offensive that they think otherwise. I also find it potentially terribly inconvenient to only be able to go to Volvo for a freakin oil change.

Then I am insulted further with, “Volvo will never actually take this car into production, of course.” Oh, of course! What?

I think a little tweak here and there, and it’s a brilliant and well deserved idea. I admit I am overly pleased by the ponytail friendly headrest.

What do ya’ll think? Any ideas on how to make a more female friendly car?

I think the Calander Girls reference was to a movie of that title.
I know Mrs. Z finds the seat on most cars to be too low and she has dificulty seeing.

I like the idea that the car’s engin sensors would let the dealer know and then the dealer would call to invite them to get service.

Maybe the Ford Taurus CLI.

Anyway, I thought that the VW Bug, and new Mini Metro are very much focused at women, as was the old Renaut 5


Yea this is my first time and I don’t know if I am doing it right. So here goes…

Concept car for women, cool idea, but presented with a bit of derogatory. Hmm…
It is a bit like they are emberrassed of the idea so they have to play it off by making the women that engeniered this car sound stupid. Quote:

And the pads are available in different colours and textures to match a woman’s outfit, or even the weather.

“The car is shown with a light yellow, embroidered seat pad, maybe for the more elegant occasion,” Maria Widell Christiansen told BBC News Online.

“Then in winter you might chose a woollen seat pad, maybe in a strong cosy colour or you may go for the lighter, more Scandinavian looking one.”

Holy shit are they seriouse. This is what they drew from the interview with these women. Remember they engineered this car. Hello…Couldn’t they get a little more out of them? For heavens sake they forgot to mention the plug ins for our iron, crock pot, and coffee maker.

Storage, storage, and more storage. They make it sound like all women are superficial and need to spend every second shopping.

A hood that is only removable by a volvo mechanic. God help us all. I don’t know about you but If I can’t fix it I take it to one of my brothers or uncles houses to get fixed. I would rather trade pizza and beer for some help than my vacation money.

This car is for rich women not practical women at all. I would never buy it. pppllllttt…

Concept cars are never produced as-is. The whole point is to put a bunch of ideas into one vehicle, with cost as no object, and then show it off and see which ideas strike a chord. Usually, if a concept car were moved from the automotive convention straight to production, it would end up costing a couple hundred thousand dollars. Every so often, something really gets people’s attention and gets built pretty close to the way the concept was shown (didn’t that limited-edition Phantom roadster start out as a concept vehicle?), but it’s rare.

Personally, I think this car looks pretty cool, and I’m a guy. I’ve always liked Volvos; their safety and practicality appeals to me. The one thing I don’t care for is the closed hood, because I’m comfortable doing limited maintenance myself, but eventually the computerization of our vehicles and the impossibility of being a shade-tree mechanic will make that less of a concern. Heck, I’m surprised there wasn’t anything in the article about this being a drive-by-wire car. Given the demographic they’re after, I’d be amazed if their target market gave a rat’s ass whether or not the steering wheel is connected to the front end by a mechanical linkage or by the automotive equivalent of an X-Box controller. Practical mechanisms matters to gearheads, but not to the type of driver they apparently have in mind.

The car has some good ideas, but sealing the bonnet is stupid. I teach an auto maintenance class for women through the local community college, and ladies are quite capable of tackling a number of things under the hood beyond washer fluid. What would one do after the warranty is up? How would I access the battery to disconnect same if the vehicle is involved in an accident?

The pony-tail friendly headrest is a good idea, but that’s just me. :smiley:

Where are the side mounted rockets? The twin .50 machine guns? Where’s the The EMP pulse generator or the Stealth Skin option? You mean there isn’t even a mine release mechanism underneath to get rid of tailgaters?

To borrow a phrase from the Bob & Tom radio show, that would be a Pinckley Taurus, no doubt. C’mon, those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, say it aloud - pinckely taurus.

I guess this wouldn’t be specificly for women, but what about a refrigerated and/or freezer compartment in the trunk so you can run other errands after you get groceries, or maybe a heated compartment for picking up take-out on the way home if you have a long commute?

I’d be nice if there was a PMS indicator so other cars could periodically give it a wide berth… some kind of a popup, maybe like the ones the pizza delivery guys use.

My first, horrified thought upon reading this article was, “OH MY GOD! Magnets in the seats! What if you’re transporting hard drives or something? This is a TERRIBLE idea! Didn’t they even THINK of that?”

Then I realized that the number of women for whom this would be a significant concern is probably smaller than the number of women who would like to poke around under the hood by themselves. And it made me sad.

I do like removable seat covers, though, for temperature reasons. A fuzzy seat cover for winter and maybe some kind of nylon-covered one for summer would make things more comfortable. I also like the idea of different ways of accessing the more easily user-serviced stuff that you normally have to open the hood to get at. But what’s the point, exactly, of fusing the hood shut? Why not just allow the hood to open and still put the washer fluid off to the side? Sealing the hood is just stupid.

The fact that women designed this is what makes it so insulting! Had it been men, I could have thought they were just trying to be helpful. I would like to think that women would make it more empowering. I guess if you’re the kind of girl that calls coordinating your outfit to the car/weather, “girl power”, then well, more power to ya. It’s definately not a car for your average Jill.

I know what you’re saying, Cervaise, about it not going as-is, but they make it sound so final, like we won’t get a car for ourselves ever. I wonder what features will make it, if/when they make the car. Sounds like the ponytail thing is a go!!

I don’t know how feasible it is, but I think it would be cool if they could make a car w/ a removable shell, and every year the maker could produce shells of a different body style that you could purchase. Or, maybe offer for free, as this would probably keep you from buying a different brand for the life of your car. It would be cool to update your look without having to get a whole nother car. Is that a word?

Voguevixen, that’s an AWESOME idea! I like the tailgater option, too, Quietman1920! PMS WARNING THO?! WHO NEEDS THAT?!! :smiley:

How about one that drives itself?


Ok I feel dumb. I understand now about coordinating w/ the weather. I was thinking they meant making the colors of your outfit match the weather ouside…hmm grey today? Or blue? Pretty limiting. So, durrr.

It would be nice to have wool in the winter and so on!

Holy, christ! Check out the high beams on that one!

Honey, does this upholstery make my trunk look big?

I swear, steel belted radials go with everything!

As a female mechanical engineer, I find the entire concept to be extremely offensive, especially since it was designed by women! The sealed hood is the worst thing about this vehicle–not only is it increibly stupid, it’s dangerous. As much as I love technology, I’m not comfortable relying on an electronic sensor to check oil and fluid levels; I would much rather to that myself. And even in a modern car, there’s a lot a car owner can do toward diagnosing problems just by looking under the hood (transmission line leaks, for example).

And outfit-matching seat cushion covers? Please. At that rate, I’m surprised the designers failed to add a magnifying makeup mirror to the steering wheel. :rolleyes:

Hey, niiice rack!! :smiley:

That BBC story was pitiful. See this instead:

So, the BBC focuses on ponytails and matching interiors rather than cool stuff like a 210 horsepower hybrid engine and the ability to go 31,000 miles between oil changes?

As a guy, I think the car is damn cool, and I would definately consider buying one if it ever came out.

Well shut my mouth. That makes a helluva difference. Still don’t like the hood. HA! Stupid hood…can’t…get it…open!! That’d be funny to watch someone try.

That’s a much better story. The BBC story landed just short of mentioning tampon holders in the center arm rest. :rolleyes:

In the new story: I like the idea of a ball valve replacing the gas cap.

The cinema-style rear seating (where the buttrest flips up unless somebody’s actually sitting on it) is kinda cool, too, but I’ve got questions about how that could be made to conform with safety standards for seat belts and child seats.

The ponytail-friendly headrest is definitely a good idea, and obvious enough in retrospect that one wonders why it’s taken this long.